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LED Grow Light, Aceple 600W Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

LED Grow Light, Aceple 600W Plant Light High Power Full Spectrum Growing Lamp with Cable and Plug for Hydroponics Indoor Plants Veg and Flower


It’s a light but things don’t grow with it

I’ve waited to write this review as I wanted to actually use the light before saying anything.

I’m not happy. We have a set up in an old freezer thats set up with heat mats and slow moving fans(insulated and located in the basement, keeps things warm) that has been used for a couple of years successfully with other grow lights so we know the set-up works. Only thing that has changed is the lighting. The lights are located about 110cm above the bottom of the heat mat, well within the area that other lights have been used at.

First off, we start the plants on a table right in front of a south facing window, sitting on a heat mat. When they get to be about 2 to 3 inches tall we move them into the freezer set up. This light somehow stunted the plants. In the four weeks, we had them in there they never grew nor did they do anything else like brown, shrivel, or die. They just seem to have entered a static state. Once moved outside to the green house they still remain the same size with no changes whereas other plants are flourishing. As we had started tomatoes, kale, squash, hot and sweet peppers we can eliminate seeds as being a problem especially since after we noticed that those in the freezer set up weren’t doing anything we started new ones from the same packets in the same pods (from the same box) which are doing nicely in the green house.

Long story short, some how the frequency(s) this light produces do not provide what’s needed for plants to grow. Things just get stunted in an almost stasis kind of way.

Also, even after being on for 12 hours a day over 7 weeks the light still emits a strong chemical smell.

We will try the light again but will add other lighting to it in an effort to see what spectrum is missing but as a single light source this doesn’t cut it.

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