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KOTION Bluetooth 4.1 Foldable Over-head Wireless Stereo Headphones PC with Mic

KOTION Bluetooth 4.1 Foldable Over-head Wireless Stereo Headphones PC with Mic
Offered by E-Lux Price: CDN$ 49.69

Comfy, great sound, and easy on your ears


This headphone has great sound and it’s comfortable on the ear.

Although it’s labelled, and can act as a headset and works in this way with my phones, I found that I couldn’t get it to function as a headset with my laptop or tablet. Keep in mind that by headset I mean that it works for both incoming and outgoing audio, speaker and mic. The only way to get the headset function is to insert the included flat audio cable with control box into my phones (BlackBerry PRIV and Lumia 650). Using it through Bluetooth there is no mic function.

The good stuff up front:
~No lag when watching videos
~Very comfortable wearing even for extended periods
~Very good audio quality
~Fit and finish is very good
~Ear muff LED’s can be left on (default when powering up) or turned off by tapping the power button once
~Fold up for easy packing
~Ear muffs have a little bit of swivel to help make them comfortable
~Lots of volume
~Power LED is red when charging and blue when charging is completed
~I’ve gotten 7 hours out of one charge
~Large 40mm drivers for great sound reproduction

The sound quality is excellent. While a little heavy on bass this can be compensated for through equalizer settings. I will attribute the heavy bass to how well the ear muffs seal around the ears. If there isn’t a good seal on any headset, over or in the ear, you will lose bass as the pressure the drivers create can escape making things sound less fully rounded. Anytime I write a review on audio products I have to consider that my experience can be very different than yours so all I can do is describe the best I can how it performs for me. This is also why I suggest you always use an equalizer and tune any headset to satisfy your taste.

When used in the wired (cable plugged in) configuration and making/receiving phone calls both the phone and mic audio is very good. The control box has a button that can be used for answering or ending calls. It also functions as a pause/play button when using it for music. This box is also where the mic is located.

Without the use of an equalizer I found that while bassy it still produces good mid and high range frequencies. The well sealing ear muffs keep out external noise which would reduce the sound quality. This headset can be quite immersive.

To test them out I used a standard playlist that I use for all headsets I buy to ensure I don’t have to return them. It didn’t matter what genre of music I played it all sounded good. There was a little loss of some subtle background instruments but this wasn’t to the scale that I would take off points.

The folding nature of the headset makes it easy to take with you. Also, the range that each extends out to should accommodate almost any head, it fits me quite nicely. Across the underside of the headband is a nice silicone strap that helps to keep it from sliding around. The ear muffs are shaped to fit comfortably and the ear cups are deep enough to fit over my ears without it feeling like the ears are pinned down which can cause a kind of fatigue that I experience with other headsets I own. Each of the muffs has a little bit of swivel which allows a more range of adjustment to make them comfortable.

While they fit very comfortably and sound great, they also perform very nicely. What I mean here is that when using them for watching videos there is no lag, when you see an actor speaking you hear the same words, everything is in sync. This isn’t a problem you’d ever experience if all you do is listen to music or pod casts but I like using a headset when watching videos, Netflix for instance. Lesser headsets have a lag that becomes really annoying.

Fit and finish is very nice, everything fits together nicely. The hinges on each ear cup locks in and feels smooth when folding them.

The controls are located on the right-side ear cup, on the back side so that you use your thumb to depress them. I find that they aren’t tall enough to really stand out and I find that using them takes a bit of feeling around to find them. The micro USB charging port is located here as well as is the LED which like all things Bluetooth is used to indicate when its turned on and when it’s in paring mode. Pairing was easy and painless. My headset showed up as ‘B3506’ in the Bluetooth items list. The blue LED lighting on each muff is on by default when powered up, you can turn them off simply by quickly depressing the power button once. Located at the bottom of the right ear cup is the audio cable jack.

On the cable mounted control box there’s a switch for selecting International or National standard. This will allow for use with phones that might not play music through both speakers when first connected via the cable.

Controls are:
~Volume up/down
~Phone answer/hang up and pause/play

Things that I’d like see improved:
~Put the mic in one of the muffs so that the cable wouldn’t be required – for this I’m taking a full point as they are sold as a gaming headset and if the only gaming you do is on your phone or iPod your ok but when the words “Gaming Headset” are used you expect that they will be useable with a PC or console for both audio and mic functions
~Raise the buttons a little so that they would be easier to use
~Include a ‘Y’ cable to go from the 4-ring jack to two three jacks for speaker and mic audio so that the headset would be useable on laptops


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