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Jumpstart Hot House with Heat Mat

Jumpstart Hot House with Heat Mat|
Price: CDN$ 54.99


Provides the right conditions for seeds to germinate but could be made tougher

Price wise this wasn’t too bad, a little on the high side considering how thin the plastic is but still acceptable.

Like many people, we start our plants early so that when they go into the green house or garden they have a nice head start considering we’re in central Alberta where if there are 4 months of decent growing weather it’s like winning the lottery. The idea here is a good one but as I mentioned, the plastic is very thing which means it needs to be handled delicately especially if it’s going to see action for a few seasons. The clear top is made high enough that plants can get some real growth on them while still under the dome but it also means that since heat rises a lot of the heat generated by the mat is lost to heating up the air located at the top. If the was a lower cover included it would work better, start with the low profile and then as the plants get tall enough swap it out for the taller one.

The heat mat is ok but we discovered that about an inch around the outer edge there is very little heat generated. It’s as if the elements inside the mat don’t go that far to the outside. This means that when setting things up keep in mind any plants that need more heat need to go towards the inner area. The heat also seems to not have a built-in temperature control. I don’t know if it will eventually shut itself off but we found that without the controller ( [[ASIN:B000NZZG3S Jump Start MTPRTC, Digital ETL-certified Heat Mat Thermostat for Seed germination, Reptiles and Brewing]] ) the tray was getting too warm and it would have cooked the seeds.

Over all its an ok combination but it could be made better and sold for less since there really isn’t much to the kit but if your starting from scratch it an alright investment but keep your eyes open for a sale.

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