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iTimo Table Lamp USB Desk Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Rechargeable Led Night Light With Dimmable White Light

Bright, small, power bank function, everything a camping or emergency light should be and do


For such a small device it sure puts out a lot of light. Even on low this thing casts an area of light wide enough that four people can easily sit around a picnic table playing Canasta. Also because the LED’s are located at the bottom, near the black base, they cast light upwards which helps increase the area that’s lit up bringing light to anything above as well as to the sides.

TL;DR – This is one heck of a small and bright light that doubles as a 4400mAh power bank, it’s well worth the money.

I’m always leery with touch lamps and other devices that you “touch” to make work since very dry hands can sometimes mean not being able to operate the devices. That wasn’t the case here, it reliably worked every time I used it, whether to turn it on/off or change the brightness.
~To turn it on touch and hold the black square on the top for 5 seconds
~Touch momentarily to cycle through the 3 light levels from dim to bright and around to dim again
~Touch and hold for 5 seconds again to power down no matter what light level its set at
This works quite well and by needing 5 seconds to turn on or off its not activated or deactivated accidentally.

The brightness levels seem to be well spread out with the middle being about mid-way between lowest and highest settings. I’ve often found that with lights, especially flash lights, the middle setting usually isn’t in the middle. This is a nice change. It’s a good thing that the four side panels are frosted, if they weren’t it would be hard on the eyes when glancing right at the light, even with the frosting I wouldn’t suggest staring at it.

Weight seems to be distributed throughout the device from top to bottom. This makes it a more likely to tip than if the majority of weight were located in the base. Even though this is the case it’s still a solid little light and since there are no moving parts if it does tip there’s nothing to break. The frosted panels are very durable.

Charging is the same as any other USB powered device, you can use the included or any other micro USB cable that you may already have.

Charging a phone or other device is simple, plug the devices USB cable into one of the two USB A ports. Both are rated at 5v and 3A but are not Qualcomm Quick Charge certified. With the 4400mAh capacity battery you will most likely be able to recharge your phone at least once if the lights battery is fully charged.

In the base on one side are 5 blue LED’s that indicate relative battery condition. The more LED’s lit up the more juice left in the battery. All you need to do in order to see how much battery life is left is to momentarily touch the top black button while the light is off. While the light is in operation the LED’s stay lit.

There is one thing missing on this light, some way to secure it to something, anything, else. There is no point where a lanyard could be fastened. So while it’s a great light for camping or if the power goes out it could really use some way of being able to carry or secure it.


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