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Inateck Universal USB 3.0 to IDE/ SATA Converter Hard Drive Adapter

Inateck Universal USB 3.0 to IDE/ SATA Converter Hard Drive Adapter with Power Switch for 2.5″/3.5″SATA HDD/SSD & IDE HDD Drives Optical Drive, Include 12V 2A Power Adapter and USB 3.0 Cable

Burned up a drive so not even an ok device, and the software is amateurish


## Follow up. I was pulling data off of a 1TB Western Digital Black 2 inch drive (not a cheap drive) when it all of a sudden made a popping noise and a small puff of smoke came from it. One of the drive controller board chips had blown. When I pulled the USB adapter apart I found several items in it had also burned up. I have a hard time blaming the WD drive for this damage inside the adapter but I can easily see the adapter, which is cheaply built once your inside the thing, causing the power surge or whatever it was blowing up components inside the adapter that then cascaded to the drive.

This is an ok USB 3 device for connecting IDE or SATA drives and transferring data/backing up. The included software is… well its brutal. Fortunately, the software is not required for basic operation. The supposed purpose of the software is to provide automatic backup of files or drives. Great concept, poor execution. I was also unable to find any updates on the web site. The options available within the software are limited. In addition, while testing the software, it locked up on me half a dozen times.

Basic operation is that of any standard USB 3 external drive accessory. Read and write speeds are as they should be. The layout of the drive connectors is alright but when using it on an old IDE drive you need to MacGyver the power connector/USB connector in such a way that they crossover, this is why the included USB cable has the actual connector coming out of the cable at an odd angle.

If you’re looking to save a few dollars by buying this device and using it for backing up your PC you’ll be disappointed. You’d be better off to find a lesser cost USB unit and then buying some real back up software such as Acronis.

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