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Inateck MercuryBox Ultra-Portable Aluminium Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Inateck Ultra-Portable Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with 15 Hour Playtime, High-Def Sound for iPhone 6S/ 6, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, HTC and More, IPX5 Waterproof, Silver – MercuryBox
Offered by Inateck Online CDN$ 60.99

Go ahead, make your day with a speaker that likes imitating hi-fi systems


To the nice people at Inateck, please contact the people that made my laptop and sell them your technology so they can make their laptops sound as good as this speaker.

Have I given the impression that I really like this speaker? I do. It looks as great as it sounds. This thing this has nice lines, the front punched grill isn’t overdone, its slim but sit’s solid on two wide rubber feet, and it’s easy to hold. The end caps are a silicone kind of product that seals them off.

Like every other Inateck item I own this thing is first class in both looks and performance. I like how this company pays attention to details.

I’ll put all of the good stuff right up front before my ramble:
~Bigger sound than I was expecting
~A clarity and brilliance of audio that my other speakers can’t get close to producing
~Extremely easy to pair and reconnect
~Easy BT pairing with everything I tried it on, look for ‘Inateck MercuryBox’ in the BT list
~Charge from any USB port
~Charge battery while playing tunes
~External audio jack with included cable for players that don’t have Bluetooth
~Included cables are the high quality braided variety
~Easy to use top mounted controls
~Excellent phone audio
~Technology in both electronics and case design is way beyond my other BT speakers
~1800mAh battery for up to 15 hours of playback
~When running at near full volume I still don’t get distortion
~Capable of producing far better bass than my other speakers, dual drivers make a difference
~Doesn’t look like a Bluetooth speaker, think of it as the high-end product in its class that all of the others will be trying to imitate

I’ve had a few Bluetooth speakers prior to this one and they all sounded ok. Ok is good but when you can have this and get superb sound for only a few bucks more I’m going to recommend you give up a couple of lattes for a week and go with superb. You’ll thank me later. Yes, this thing sounds that good. With the other speakers, I was giving up decent sound in exchange for portability.

While not a brick it’s also not a fly weight. When you pick it up you can feel that there is some substance to the drivers. Yes, there are two drivers which makes a huge difference in a small speaker system like this. You could take one single driver of the same physical surface area and it won’t sound as good. This is easy to qualify, go listen to a single driver speaker system and then a dual driver system. End result and what anyone wants out of something like this is really good sound and that’s exactly what this little guy delivers, big clear and bright sound. Considering how small this is it means that the electronics in it are well designed just as the enclosure is well engineered.

What something sounds like is a very personal thing. Like any speaker system or headphones, setting up the player’s equalizer to suit your own preferences is important. Some will find this lacks high end while I find its more than adequate in the nigh frequencies. Personal preference is hard to quantify unlike volume. As such always ask friends or family when they come over for their opinion. So far other, then one of my wife’s siblings, they all react with unbelief when I show them where the music is coming from.

I leave this in the living room and it easily puts out enough audio to have music that actually sounds good, not tinny or thin, throughout the home and that’s without pushing it to the max on volume. For volume control, you can of course make changes on your phone but if your closer to the speaker you can use the top mounted buttons. You can also pause/play from the button mounted on the same panel.

On the same panel, you’ll find the power and Bluetooth buttons. Depress the power button to bring it to life. To pair depress and hold the Bluetooth/phone button till it flashes blue. In your phones BT settings look for ‘Inateck MercuryBox’ and pair with it. On both my PRIV and Lumia phones the process was quick and painless. After its been paired any time you power it up it reconnects almost immediately.

The same Bluetooth button can be used to answer or hang up a call on your phone. I found the phone audio to be far superior to any other speaker with a phone option I’ve used. The mic audio is also very good. There is of course the issue of how far away you are form the speaker but I found that the auto gain feature used does a very good job but, when there was any back-ground noise it came through as good as voice audio. For me this is one of those nice to have items and nothing more as I never wanted to use it to talk on the phone.

The speaker also gives you the option to connect an audio cable which is included. By the way, the cables that come with it, micro USB charging and audio cables are braided which is something I really like. They look great, wear better, and are less likely to get tangled.

The speaker is rated at 15 hours of playback; this will of course depend on the volume but even if it got 12 hours this would still be very respectable. Personally, I’m getting well over 13 hours with the volume high enough to hear it throughout the house.

Inateck states that its water resistant and I suspect it is if a rain shower should catch it outdoors but make sure you keep the rubber flap/seal, that covers the micro USB charging port and audio jack, pushed into the side.

Easily the best Bluetooth speaker available for under a hundred bucks in a size that easily fits into a pack or purse.






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