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iMuto 10000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank

iMuto 10000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank External Battery Pack ,Ultra Slim Design with Smart LED Digital Display and Dual USB Output
Offered by imuto
Price: CDN$ 52.99


Slim and light weight enough to keep with me

While keep a slim profile this thing packs a fairly decent amount of charge capacity.

I like imuto products, I have a few of them. They look good and perform very good. In addition these things don’t require any kind of technical know how to operate. As long as you know how to plug your phone into a charger you can charge this thing. Then charging your phone is just as simple.

I’ve used this on:
► Three different BlackBerry phones
► iPhone
► Windows Lumia 650
► SamSung S8
► Galaxy Tab
► Kindle Fire Reader
► Action Cams
► Bluetooth speakers and headsets
► Numerous other items that use USB charging cables

This is not a Qualcomm Quick Charge device so it provides only 5v DC which is the USB standard. Quick Charge devices can utilize higher voltages for more rapid charging.

This really is a slim package and it has a larger capacity than many of the other power banks I’ve had over the years. It’s also light weight enough that packing it along in a laptop or travel bag doesn’t overload things.

Some power banks have four LED’s which are meant to show a percentage of charge left, one LED can represent between 1 and 25%, 26 to 50% and so on. This is ok but not really useful in real life. I really like the three digit (1 to 100%) read out used here. There’s no guessing whether I’m taking along a dead power bank (2%) or one that still has 25% left.

The charging port connectors offer a snug fit for cables, something that’s important to me. Sloppy connections can be bad for both phone and power bank. If a connector repeatedly makes/breaks connection rapidly it can cause problems with electronic circuitry and damage can occur. Charging the power bank is done by plugging in the supplied, or one you already have, micro USB cable into any USB charger. The amount of time will vary but from dead,0%,to full capacity with a good charger takes hours so I just leave it on charge overnight. Because of this I can’t provide and exact time frame but I can say at least 10 hours. Again this will vary depending on the charger I use.

How long it takes to charge any phone can vary widely as battery capacities are different not to mention they aren’t always completely dead when put back on a charger.

I also like the power button which is mounted on the front, it allows me to check the percentage of charge left without plugging anything into the power bank. When plugging in my phone it automatically lights up the display as well. Both voltage and current capabilities are good. Voltage is a little lower than I would like but far from causing any problems.


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