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ICZI USB 3.0 Smart KM ( Keyboard Mouse ) Link Transfer Data Easy Link Cable

ICZI USB 3.0 Smart KM ( Keyboard Mouse ) Link Transfer Data Easy Link Cable for Windows, Mac Data transferring from PC to PC Black ( 5ft / 1.5m )
Offered by ICZI-CA Price: CDN$ 29.99

Listen to your mom she was right, sharing is always a good idea and even better at USB 3 speeds


How to make your life easier 201.

Being one who has more than a couple of PC’s and laptops that are used on a daily basis means that I end up transferring files between them regularly. This usually means using a thumb drive or copying files to a shared folder in a server and then copying the file(s) again to the other machine. Usually I have to move files to a laptop or tablet which is sitting on the desk next to me so the whole thing with copying files twice (once to and then from) means wasting time.

I knew these smart little devices existed but looking for them always seemed to slip my mind, probably because I was too busy moving files around. When I saw this on Amazon I jumped on it. I like this thing and am impressed by how well it works and how easy the installion was.

Please allow me to state here that I only run Windows machines so I apologise to any Mac users, I can’t begin to explain to you how its done but your probably already savvy enough that this will be a breeze for you.

When you insert either end into a USB port it will be identified as a new drive. Through Windows Explorer you can then see the drive, click on it and run the setup exe file. It’s a small install so this takes only a few seconds. You then end up with a new icon in your task bar by the clock. Insert the opposite end into your second PC USB port and repeat the process. I went at this without reading the manual to see how intuitive the manufacturer has made the process, I’m impressed. You really don’t need to do any configuration to make this work. At most right click on the task bar icon and change the setting for which side of the main machine the second on is on. This way you can simply move your mouse from one screen to the other (in the right direction) machines screen by taking it past the edge of your monitor.
-Example: If your second PC is to the right of your main machine, on your main machine right click on the task bar icon, then select ‘Preferences’. You will now see a drop-down menu where you have the option select which side the secondary machine is one. Select ‘Right Side of This PC’ and click OK. That’s it. Now when you have the two PC’s connected any time you move your mouse curser to the right edge and keep going it will appear on the other screen and you can now work on this second machine with the mouse and keyboard you use on the main machine.

What I really like is that if I copy a file on one machine (either one) and then move the mouse so that its controlling the other machine I can now paste that file where I want it. It will now copy over, it’s that simple. This device is USB 3 so it will move files fast which is very welcome on my desk. There is another version of this that runs at USB speeds and is a few dollars less ICZI USB 2.0 Smart KM ( Keyboard Mouse ) Link Transfer Data Easy Link Cable for Windows, Mac Data transferring from PC to PC Black ( 5ft / 1.5m )

You also have the benefit of not needing a keyboard or mouse for both machines cluttering your desk. Sharing is so much easier, cleaner, and faster than other options.

The brilliant stuff:
~USB 3 file transfer speeds
~No need for multiple keyboards or mice when using two PC’s/laptops
~By far the fastest way to transfer files between two computers
~Simple install and configuration
~Manual is well written and provides step by step instructions of needed
~5-foot cable so machines don’t have to be right next to each other
~Comes with a 6 1/2 inch USB 2 female to micro USB adapter cable
~The connectors are well made
~The main adapter body has indicator LED’s to let you know it’s connected and/or working

The not so good stuff:
~If I ever come across anything I’ll let you know but I can’t even nit-pick here


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