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ICZI Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter Cable

Thunderbolt to DVI, ICZI Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter Cable ( 10ft/3m ), Male to Male, Gold-Plated, 1080P Supported
Offered by ICZI-CA Price: CDN$ 17.99

Save that old monitor and just get a new cable


I hate tossing out any device that still works just because of something like a cable. This would be the case with an old LCD monitor that works perfectly but doesn’t have an HDMI connection an all of my machines no longer have a VGA or DVI connector on them.

This is the perfect solution. My laptop has a Thunderbolt connection (same connector but more robust in what can be done through it than Display port but is compatible) which I can now utilize to increase the display real estate I have; you can never have enough monitor it seems. This monitor is also located on a shelf so running the cable means I need the 10 feet this one provides.

I like ICZI cables and have many of them, both in USB to USB C and cables like this one for display purposes. All are well made. The connectors all fir snug and feel solid. The cables are well moulded into the connectors. The cable itself has always been a quality product, none of that dollar store stuff. I refer to pay a little more and buy quality vs. wasting money replacing items.

I have no issues running 1920×1080 video through this cable at 60 Hz. There is no noise or any other video signal interference.


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