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HQTech Gold Plated Mini DisplayPort HDTV Male to Female Converter Adapter

HQTech Gold Plated Mini DisplayPort (ThunderboltTM Port Compatible) to HDMI HDTV Male to Female Converter Adapter – 5300
Offered by HQTech Corp Price: CDN$ 9.99

Excellent little adapter that’s backed by great customer service


You never know what a client may have for a multimedia set up so it’s good to have a few adapters with you for those spurs of the moment demonstrations.

I have a folio which is fully stocked with a tablet and multiple adapters for connecting to just about any kind of a monitor or TV a client may have set up but we needed to get one of our other guys set up so I was on the hunt for new adapters and cables.

I have a few of the HQTeck cables and a please with them all so it was a no brainer to put this adapter in the new folio set up.

While the folios don’t get tossed around (we’re talking high end tablets here) they do get unpacked, connected, moved, removed, dropped, and handled in various ways. I have no concern that this will last the way it’s built.

The short cable is flexible so it can easily be used if the connecting cable needs to be run off to the front or back. Both the male Mini Display Port and the female HDMI are good solid connectors that have a snug fit. With an adapter like this that’s an important item. The last thing you want while doing a presentation is for the video or mages going wonky because the adapter was moved and caused the connecters to wobble. With any adapter like this I always test to see if I can make the connectors move or wobble by simply getting a hold of the cable a few inches from the connector and then tugging slightly while moving about from side to side. I saw no degradation of video quality while doing so, no noise just nice clean video.

The female HDMI connector housing is put together nicely, fit and finish is nicely done and it feel solid. The corners are rounded and the whole thing is small enough to fits nicely inside the folio. As the housing is plastic it’s a very light item which again is nice as the less weight we have to carry the better.

I had the opportunity to contact the seller about a different cable and I was impressed. They responded quickly and were very courteous.


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