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Household Essentials 81009 Replacement Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Household Essentials 81009 Replacement Ironing Board Cover and Pad – Silver Silicone Coated
Price: CDN$ 15.00


It’s an average cover fit wise but the top surface covering works well.

The cover is pretty much as described and fits, but just.

Our ironing board is the same dimensions as those listed in the description but it’s a tight fit. With this tight fit, if I drag a pair of pants across it from side to side it tends to pull the cover up which then needs reseating. This only happens from side to side. Length wise it’s snug enough that it stays put. Our last cover had two straps which helped keep the cover in place and this seems to have a big difference as we never had this happen. Even if the sides were a couple of inches broader so that the h wole thing could wrap around under the board it would help.

The silicone covering is nice. It provides a bit of a grip (hence the pants pulling it) so that lighter items don’t slip off even when hung far over the side. This silicone covering also hasn’t discoloured nor is it showing signs of burning but I’m sure that if left long enough a hot iron could damage the padding underneath. The padding on its underside is adequate and I don’t end up having the impression of vent holes from the actual board itself on any material I’ve ironed.

End result is that it’s an ok cover that could be excellent if only it had support straps that ran under the iron board to keep the sides in place.

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