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Home and Travel Charger Adapter – 24W 4 USB Universal Worldwide Wall Charger

Home and Travel Charger Adapter – 24W 4 USB Universal Worldwide Wall Charger


Gives me the power I need

This is a solid little brick type charger with the ability to keep charging voltage up while delivering high current.
The USB ports offer a nice snug fit, cables don’t flop around. If charging cables aren’t tight it can mean the connection between charger and phone is subject to interruptions which can cause spikes, something that’s hard on my devices.

Only slightly larger than some 4 port USB chargers that are available today none of those are capable of having the AC connector changed to accommodate foreign sockets. The alternate country AC prong adapters are a nice snug fit. There’s a push button that releases a locking mechanism which keeps these locked in place unless they need to be changed out. Depress it and the prongs can be pulled out and then locked back in place. I found that when pulling the charger out of a wall socket the prongs do pull out of the charger slightly. This isn’t a problem if I pull the top portion (where the button is located) out first.

► One of the most important items I look for in a charger is this ability to provide full power. Many chargers, even big name high priced units can’t keep the voltage at or just above the 5v (standard USB voltage) mark. When the voltage drops it means that charging takes longer and the power management circuits in the smart phone aren’t able to work at full potential.
► Charging voltage is like the pressure in a hose whereas current (amps) is like the size of the hose which regulates how much current (amps) can be delivered at one time.
► This little guy delivers both when I have it hooked up to my phones and tablets. This means I don’t have to wait all night to power up devices.
► End result is that I can charge four devices including two power hungry phones at the same time with no worries about charge rate.

I like it, it’s simple to use, if needed will work in several different countries, and provides the proper power for rapid charging multiple devices at the same time.


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