HAMSWAN Action Camera Waterproof 4K Wifi with 16MP HD 30M 2-INCH 170°Ultra Wide Angle for Traveling Surfing Skiing Parachuting Diving Full Outdoor Accessories Kits Included
Sale:CDN$ 69.99


Nice features that separate it from the heard

Like most action cams available today this uses a majority of the same accessories which is nice considering I have just about every one ever made. What comes in the box, if you don’t already own any accessories, is enough to get started in vehicle, on a bike, strapped to a wrist, or clipped to your shirt/jacket. I like that the kit includes a second housing back plate. When under water the camera can stay cool because of the way water transfers heat away but out of the water, especially in the sun, the camera can get warm. The second back plate has two slots which allow for some air flow. Sure, I could use the vehicle mount on a bike but I don’t care much for the idea of a camera getting trashed if/when I hit the rhubarb when there’s a nice safe case that would protect it.

TL;DR – Good quality action cam which comes with a good set of accessories. Good quality video but the 4K advertised is at 15 FPS which while it looks great is till chunky. The excellent app used for Wi-Fi connectivity is called “SportLook” on Android and iPhone.

I prefer action cams over dash cams for use in vehicle simply because of how easy it is to take the camera with you and use it elsewhere. Most dash cams are very specific, made of one purpose. The included bracket with adhesive pads make use in a vehicle a cinch and allows compensation for any windshield curve, the camera can be adjusted so that it always records a nice vertical video instead of leaning to one side, like my bike video shows. There are two windshield mounts which allows me to transfer from one vehicle to another without the hassle of removing/reapplying the adhesive pads.

► The camera includes a couple of software features which are specific for use in a vehicle
► The button layout here is the same as a great majority of available competitive cameras. What I really like is that the display is as large as it could reasonably be which means it’s a lot easier to see the playback of how something worked out while in the field.
► Batteries are also the same, again a nice thing since I have a collection of them, this allows me to go all day if needed when no charger is available.
► Looking at the camera and included accessories there isn’t anything negative that I can find. Everything is well done.
► The software running the camera is very different and in my opinion better than that running my other cameras. Navigating through the set up was very simple and it’s easy to make changes.
► The user manual is well written and offer a quick guide that gets you going quickly.
► Good recording time on the battery. First charge gave me about 75 minutes at 2K rez.

As with any other action cam, when its mounted on handle bars or even on a windshield there can be a fair bit of vibration, there isn’t much if any video stabilization and the videos can be hard to watch. I didn’t include a short section of video, because of the possibility it might bring on an epileptic seizure – JK, where I’m crossing a pedestrian bridge with timbers. Those combined with knobby tires can shake fillings loose never mind make the video look like the camera is having a fit. Some higher end cameras do a better job but you pay for it.

For those who use audio in their recordings, the camera does a very good job of picking up what’s happening around you. Obviously while in the case its rather muffled but still useable most of the time.

The app, SportLook, was very simple to set up once the camera was put into Wi-Fi mode (press the up button the left hand side of the camera). Once connected it allows for control over video recording, snap shots, or time lapse recording (another great feature). It’s the easiest action cam app I’ve used so far.

I was hoping that the 4K recording option listed would be at a high enough frame rate to make it useable for videos but the max rate is 15 FPS which leaves things choppy. At 4K it looks great except for the low FPS. Recording options allow for enough different settings that most people will be able to find one that works for their purposes. Recording at 2K fills a 32GB TF card pretty fast but here the camera sets itself apart from the other action cams I’ve seen, it will work with up to 64GB card!

So it gets very close to the marketing hype but still needs some tweaking.