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GranVela M9 Ergonomic Wired Mouse With Macro Programming

GranVela M9 Ergonomic Wired Mouse Support Macro Programming, 12 Button, 6 Adjustable DPI, 4 Adjustable Rate of Return and Free Adjustable RGB Backlit
Offered by GranVela Top Selects CDN$ 49.99

The big brand names have something to be concerned with, if you’re looking for a top notch gaming mouse, the value here is huge


My first impressions after plugging this mouse in weren’t that great, mainly because of the side button pre-configuration. Fortunately the makers have provided full featured configuration software.

I like wireless mice but for gaming I find that a wired version gives better performance. There are enough issues with internet lag, why add local RF interference into the equation?

Before I even received the mouse, the seller contacted me so that I would have contact information. They also included the software that is used to configure it. I’m a big fan of sellers that stand behind their products and for a seller to be proactive instead of me trying to get one to be reactive goes a long way. The item I buy is only half the story, if I can’t get service if/when something goes wrong I don’t want any part of it. But things can go wrong, I accept this. As long as I can get service I’m as happy as I can be. I suspect that if this mouse fails getting service won’t be an issue.

What attracted me to this mouse was the ergonomic look. I have many a mouse that provide a wing on the left side so that your thumb doesn’t rub on the mouse pad but very few also have a wing for your little finger. This mouse has both. The way it’s designed all of your phalanges (fingers) have a place to rest and this makes for great alignment, especially while in game in the heat of a fire fight when the last thing you need is the mouse slipping out of your hand.
~The ergonomics far surpasses the big brand name mice that I’ve tried out
~This mouse has a slotted positon for every finger on you right hand
~The scroll wheel is nicely indented, no freewheeling
~Optical sensor is located in the middle of the mouse where it belongs so that when moving it keeps your mental centre point on target whereas sensors mounted to a side cause confusion

One thing that I can’t stand in a mouse is mushy left and right click buttons. This mouse gives you both tactile and audible positive feedback so you know when you’ve depressed a button. The travel distance is nice, again you can feel that the button has moved and been depressed.
~All buttons give both tactile and audible feedback, you know when you’ve depressed a button and its been activated
~Buttons are solid, no mushy mounting issues

The two broad bottom pads are coated aluminium which make this thing glide across my mouse pad. There is far less resistance than with the plastic type of pads. These are also mounted to the mouse not just held in with an adhesive. Metal pads always provide a better gaming experience as plastic, no matter how slippery it seems tends to stick at times, especially to fabric mouse pads. This is why the most expensive mouse pads are metal or have a metallic layer. Lag kills, so does friction on your mouse.
~A bottom mounted switch allows you to quickly turn the internal LED’s on or off
~Second bottom mounted switch allows you to select the sample frequency – 125/250/500/1000 Hz

The positioning of various buttons properly aligns with my fingers. There is no reaching to find the back or forward button when browsing. And whereas most mice have two side buttons that can be set up for browsing or in game purposes, this mouse has three. While slightly smaller than the average side button they are none the less easy to use and placed properly.
~Each digit on your right hand is cradled in its own slot
~The extra ‘fire’ button mounted top left is easily reached with your left forefinger
~The material that covers the left and right hand sides as well at the area where your palm rests is a soft touch plastic that allows you to easily grip the mouse

One of the things I miss on newer mice is being able to use the scroll wheel for side scrolling. It seems every mouse that came out for years was set up this way but recently makers have moved away from making the scroll wheel multipurpose. GranVela brought it back with this product. Again, this side scroll feature can be mapped for whatever purpose you desire in the software.
~The scroll wheel has a nice wide soft rubber centre portion that makes scrolling left or right easy, it keeps my finger on the wheel

Where most mice have the DPI buttons on the top, GranVela by default has them moved to the lower back left hand side where they are out of the way unless you want to use them. One of my frustrations with other mice, how they set up the DPI buttons, was that in the middle of a game while scrolling for a weapon or feature I would hit the DPI buttons. Here that’s not going to happen. The buttons located on the top can be configured and mapped for in game options or left unused. If you like the DPI buttons on top the software allows you to configure them for this purpose. I use the top mounted buttons for multimedia, volume up/down/play and pause.
~See screen shots of the software configuration program
~Macros can be set up for each key if desired

The software allows for any button to be configured for any purpose and you can set up profiles which is extremely useful as not all games are set up to use buttons for the same purpose. The point here is that GranVela has given me the ability to set up the mouse my way, not someone else’s idea of the way it should be.

I happen to like braided cables, I find that when gaming they are less likely to get caught on something as my desk gets a little busy at times. The cable here is a well-done braid with plenty of length to reach even floor mounted PC’s. It also has a nice balun right before the USB connector to help keep stray RF out of my laptop/PC.

While the fit is ergonomic the look is very sleek. The curves and subtle lines give this thing a real appeal. There’s also the option to have internal LED’s come on in various ways and with various colours. I kind of got used to the ‘breathing’ setting where the lights slowly come up and fade away, like a breath. This is another item that can be configured it the software.
~Nothing gaudy about this mouse
~Very well designed and engineered

I always try to find a negative of some kind when I write up a review but this thing has me stumped. It feels great, it works flawlessly, and it’s as programmable as I could ask for. The only thing I can come up with is that for my hands it could be just a bit wider, and at first because its slightly narrower than the previous mouse it felt a little uncomfortable. This soon went away and because of the wings on either side that keep my little finger and thumb off the mouse pad it’s quite comfortable now.

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