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GranVela CX610 Sport Earphones Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones

GranVela CX610 Sport Earphones Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Microphone, Remote, and Universal Volume Control (Green)
Offered by GranVela Top Selects CDN$ 15.99

Would still be a great buy at twice the price


For a sub $20 headset I’m impressed.

I have all manner of headsets, probably more than any human should have, some people collect watches, I seem to horde headsets lately. I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I thought I would rather take a low-cost pair with me when traveling in case I lost them, no big deal whereas losing a pair of $200 Bluetooth headsets would hurt.

I was sceptical about the “wear em if you want em” over the ear hangers, there are a lot of these available in various forms and most aren’t that comfortable. I will admit I was wrong. The soft silicone here isn’t uncomfortable at all and the fact that if you need them when running or otherwise engaging in an activity that might cause them to pop out you can easily slip them on. It might not be obvious in the images but each silicone hanger has a slit along the back going full length which opens up to allow the cable to be slipped into it. Then because it’s not fixed on the ear buds you can turn the bud in any direction that makes it more comfortable. I like them.

As for the audio, they provide, again its far better than I expected. It amazes me what manufacturers are able to do with headsets these days. They are far clearer and have a better range than even the best headsets that were available only 5 years ago that cost 10 times as much. While not boomin out the bass it’s not all gone either and I found that by using the phones equalizer I could bring back a lot of the bass. Mid-range and high frequency tones are better with the high end being a little too bright. Again, the equalizer allowed me to correct this. After a couple of minutes, I had them sounding the way I wanted and am happy to have them for those times when I travel and just might leave them behind but in the mean time I can enjoy some pretty good audio.

One of the best ways to test any speaker is to run at the extremes. At high volume bass can cause drivers to rattle and distort everything. On the other end at low volumes poor drivers will not produce high frequencies and you lose the subtle undertones that fill out the music. I’m happy that this headset performed very well in both cases. It was better at low volume than high with pounding bass but I use this only as an example, I avoid anything that would cause my ear drums to slap high fives in the middle of my head. I want to have my hearing when I’m really old and crusty.

I like the control/mic hanging on the right ear bud cable. It’s a nice size and has no weight that might cause the ear bud to be pulled out. The buttons are slightly raised and easy to feel, no need to look at them. On both Android and Windows phones, they worked well to control volume and start/pause music. The down volume button worked to answer and hang up phone calls. When used for phone calls the audio on both ends was clear and loud.

~Gel hangers are far more comfortable than they look, can be added as needed and then removed
~Sound is better than the price tag would suggest
~Frequency response is very good
~Very good sound on both ends of a phone call
~Controller is light weight and buttons are easy to use without looking at it
~The four-ring audio jack is solid and fits both phones nicely
~Comes with the standard three different sizes of ear bud gels

It’s hard to find anything to nit-pick about since I have to compare these to headsets in the same class and price range. You can’t compare a $15 headset to a $300 B&O product so I can comfortably hand out 4 1/2 stars taking off half a star because I found the cable to be slightly shorter than it should/could be.


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