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Goodland’s E-Sports Gaming Mouse,7 Buttons ,5500 DPI Wired Mouse High Precision

   61-lcrcefil__sx522_ Goodland’s E-Sports Gaming Mouse,7 Buttons ,5500 DPI Wired Mouse High Precision Optical Computer Mice For Windows,Mac, Linux and Vista etc.

Looks like it’s doing 90 miles an hour while sitting still

When I ordered this mouse I was expecting an average product, I got a great product.

When you look at the images of the mouse on this page it looks nice but far too often manufacturers put too much effort into making these things look good instead of making a quality item. That’s not the case here. Fit and finish is well done and the product performs excellent while not needing a bank loan to buy.

There are a number of features I like about it and one or two I would like to see changed but these last items wouldn’t stop me from buying it again.

I don’t know why exactly but I’m OCD about finding a good mouse that doesn’t cost $100. This means I have a drawer full of the things. This has also provided me with a lot of information on how some manufactures build their products, why some are great and some just plain out stink.

I really like the scroll wheel on this thing. My biggest pet peeve with any mouse is a freewheeling scroll wheel. Personally I like an indented scroll wheel, something that gives you feed back when using it. I’ve got some mice which have scroll wheels with very heavy indents. This causes a lot of resistance. On this mouse the indents are light, you know you’ve moved the wheel, it doesn’t take a lot to move it, and it doesn’t free wheel. Running around the center is a rubber strip with treads that helps keep your finger on the wheel.

Located behind the scroll wheel is the DPI button. Like all mice today, this button toggles through the different settings each time it’s pressed and then wraps around again. I like how the button gives good audible and tactile feedback when pressed. You know you’ve hit the button but more importantly, by making it stiff it’s not going to be easily depressed while you’re in the middle of a game.

The Forward/Backward side buttons also provide tactile and audible feedback. They do have a bit of give when pressing them so unwanted presses when just brushing across them is eliminated.

Right in front of the Forward button is a top facing Double Click button. It does exactly what it called. For gamers it’s one more button that can be mapped in game. I use mine for melee attacks as its right there and I already have the forward/backward buttons mapped to other things.

One thing to know here, there are no driver’s to download/install or any configuration required on Windows 8.1 and 10. If you’re using 7 or some other OS you may have to do a little configuring.

I appreciate the left and right click buttons. The button surface is very long allowing people with different sized hands to comfortable hit them. Again, there is tactile feedback when using them. They have a bit of travel distance so I personally don’t end up depressing them when I really don’t want to.

~The form is easy on your hand, using it for a few hours doesn’t fatigue your wrist
~I like the looks; there are nice touches to it without making it look gaudy
~The bottom pads are large with the top (closest to the cord) being one piece that goes from left to right across the whole mouse.
~The laser LED is located in the middle of the bottom which makes using it easy. Some mice have it off to one side which can really mess up you’re in game play as it’s not aligned with the center of your hand.
~The cable is braided (YEAH). I find rubberized mouse cords like to catch on all sorts of things which then affects you’re in game action. Braided cords are nowhere near as likely to do this.
~There are LED’s inside the moue which shift colors which is an interesting thing. It’s a bit of bling and serves no purpose but looks cool when it’s just sitting there.
~For anyone who likes a light mouse, you’ll appreciate this one. It is very light (to me) and slides easily.

The things I would like to see changed:
~Adding some anti-slip material (like on the scroll wheel) to the left and right hand sides would make it less slippery
~Being able to add some weights would be a real bonus as some of us like a mouse with a little weight

All said it’s an excellent mouse for gamers and general computer users.




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