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GGMM Hummingbird Crystal Clear Sound In-Ear Noise-Isolating Earbuds

GGMM Hummingbird “Lifetime Warranty” Crystal Clear Sound In-Ear Noise-Isolating Earbuds Headphones w/ Dynamic Dual Drivers & Universal 1-Button Remote/Microphone (Titanium)
Offered by GGMM, Inc. Price: CDN$ CDN$ 37.55

First set of ear buds to actually put a smile on my face


I am amazed at how good these IEM’s sound.

I’ve had the opportunity to test numerous headsets both wired and Bluetooth, price wise high end to low end and many in between. What I can say right off is that when I grab a wired headset it’s this one. So far I’ve not had the opportunity to test any that sounded better or blocked out external noise quite like this set.

*Before I go on, when reviewing any kind of an audio product there will always be some differences between what I will hear and your own experience. There simply is no way for any one person to fully address all of the variables that other people will experience or the differences in one’s hearing ability.

For such a small ear bud they have a good wide range of frequency response. Low end pounding is there for anyone that wants to make their ear drums slap high fives in the middle of their head. Mid and high range frequency response is excellent. You can distinguish all manner of subtle notes and cords. Fingers running down strings, minor tops on cymbals, the tremolo of operatic singers, it’s all there with a clarity and vibrancy that will make to stand back and look at these things with a smile on your face.

I strongly believe that a great part of the above is due to how well the gel’s fit your ear canal. With poorly fitting gels you’ll find that bass is thin and any eternal noise that enters the ear canal will cause you to lose the ability to properly hear the full potential of any headset. The gels used here are slightly different than those I’ve used on other headsets. Of course without an excellent driver this wouldn’t matter. The drivers here, while I have no specs on them are brilliant. The provide a rich enveloping sound that can as far as any headset could, immerse you in a way that few others I’ve used so far can. In addition to keeping the inside audio pressure in your ear canal and the outside noise, outside, the gels are comfortable to wear. I felt no fatigue after several hours of wearing them. This is helped by the fact that the whole ear bud is light weight. This light weight keeps them from being pulled down and out of your ear even when moving your head or when running. There is no need to those funky ‘wings’ that so many other headsets use to keep the buds from flying out of the ear but are most often uncomfortable.

The ear buds themselves are solid. My only concern with them is that there is no strain relief where the cable meets ear bud. This has the potential to be a weak point. It all depends on how hard you are on them. The cable itself has a soft silicone outer coating. Because it’s as soft as it is I found that occasionally it dragged a little on my collar but not enough to pull out an ear bud. There is a small cable management collar that slides up from where the separate earbud cables meet up with the main cable. This collar can be used snug thing up under your chin or behind your head if worn that way. Overall length of the cable is quite nice, from the back end of the jack to the splitter it’s 70cm or 30 inches. Each cable going from the splitter to earbud is 36cm or 14 inches. This provides plenty of cable to place your music player or phone in a pocket or arm strap without issue.

The tiny control box located on the right hand ear bud cable has one button and the mic opening. When listening to music the button pauses or starts the player in use. On my Blackberry PRIV I can use it to answer incoming calls but not to hang up. The mic audio on the other end is excellent. The mic here is a brilliant little component. I had the chance to call the phone from a land line while my wife was on the headset, I can say that it sounds better than any other headset I have even the $200 and $300 high end Bluetooth headsets I prefer to use when I want to walk around the house but still listen to music.

The headset comes with three sizes of gel’s with the medium being pre-installed on mine. The maker also supplies a very nice leather carry case which allows you to wrap the cable around a centre cleat that has storage in the centre for tucking in the ear buds so they don’t float or dangle out of the case. To keep it closed a magnet is used on the flap which then holds tight against the back side of the case. This is a very nice touch since most manufacturers simply provide a draw string pouch of some kind.

~Lifetime Warranty!!! This negates the possible issue with no strain relief where cable meets ear bud
~Quality of audio playback is well above its class, absolutely brilliant
~Light weight and no ear fatigue even after hours of use
~Silicone outer coating cable
~Pause/start button on external mic box located on right hand earbud cable
~Built in cable management collar
~The four ring (pin) jack fits without any slack which would cause static or popping
~The included case goes well beyond the usual draw sting accessory sack
~Long cable length for easy use from pocket or arm strap to earbuds

Can I recommend them to friends and family, yes.



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