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GGMM E3 Wireless WiFi/ Bluetooth Speaker with LED Alarm Clock

GGMM E3 Wireless WiFi/ Bluetooth Speaker with LED Alarm Clock & Smart USB Charging port, Featuring Airplay, DLNA, Spotify, Pandora, and Multi-Room Play, Streaming music from your Devices (White)
Offered by GGMM, Inc. CDN$ 119.99

Way more than a Bluetooth speaker, think sound system with Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet Radio


I have four other Bluetooth speakers that I thought sounded good but they just went into the junk drawer. The only advantage they now have is that I can take them with me if needed which doesn’t happen very often.

It’s handy to have speakers that you can connect to via Bluetooth and many of them sound far better than I ever expected but they have limitations in many areas. The greatest limitation they all face it quality of sound. There’s only so much that can be some with small speakers, especially with bass reproduction. They sound clear and crisp but lack the means to provide a full and rich experience.

For those who like short stories, this is by far the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I’ve owned or used plus it offers the advantage of two more methods of playback. It’s an internet radio player. It works as a wireless access point. There is an app that offers several features that make mere Bluetooth speakers pale and it’s easy to navigate your way through it. Are these things worth the extra dollars, to me yes.

The good stuff right up front:
~Larger drivers means better all-around sound especially bass reproduction
~This speaker can immerse a whole room with rich and clear music reproduction
~Three methods of connecting for playback, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and audio cable
~Bluetooth paring was painless, look for ‘GGMM_E3’
~App for Wi-Fi connection is easy to use for connecting to and configuring the speaker look for “GGMM-E Series”
~Once connected to your router the Wi-Fi feature can also be used as an access point for other wireless devices
~By using the app various internet radio stations can be played and set up as favourites (6)
~USB charging port on back for charging or powering your phone while using audio cable connection
~Top mounted control for easy access
~Front mounted subtle 12/24 hour clock that melds into the screen like theme
~Wide frame keeps it stable
~Can be part of a multi speaker sound system when more GGMM speakers are available, control is through the app
~3-year warranty, that’s not a typo, 3 whole years of warranty

For those who like more detail:
First off, with any kind of an audio product how it sounds is a very personal thing. I can only tell you how I enjoyed this speaker and what it sounded like for me. You will probably have a different experience but this is what equalizers were made for and in most cases making a few tweaks on an equalizer will produce a more pleasing result for virtually anybody.

I also found that no matter which method I used to connect with, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or audio cable the sound was just far superior to those other small BT speakers. No matter what volume I used there was no distortion, even with very heavy bass the drivers never rattled nor did it cause a loss of reproduction for things like a drum kit cymbal being brushed or other subtle back ground instruments.

On the other end, at low volumes I’ve found lesser speakers will have trouble providing good sound across the whole range of frequencies we humans can hear. The E3 had no troubles here either. It just keeps impressing me.

Audio is great, functionality is also impressive. Being able to handle three different methods of connecting to my phone or non-Bluetooth MP3 player provides one more method than the other speakers could. Wi-Fi connectivity has allowed me to control the speaker no matter where I am in the home or even outside in the yard, wherever my Wi-Fi extends to. Bluetooth is nice but range in this house that was built 60 years ago is very limited, they must have put Titanium in the walls. I can only get about 12 feet from a BT connected device before the connection is dropped. With Wi-Fi I can be at the neighbours two doors down and still remain connected. And while I only have the one, I can in the future buy another GGMM speaker and have both controlled through the app. The speakers can also be controlled by different phones running the app so sharing is easy.

There’s a lot of flexibility in the app including the ability to receive and listen to online radio stations, six can even be saved as favourites that can then be played directly through the speaker without needing a phone. With some of the internet stations you will require a login, stations like Spotify. So not only is it a Bluetooth speaker it’s also an internet radio.

The user’s manual isn’t very complex, you don’t need to be a teenager or uber geek to get this speaker working. Following the step by step instructions, after downloading the app, it took me about 5 minutes to get the speaker connected and working. That includes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Then after playing with the app for 10 minutes, looking through the wide range of internet radio choices, including several international, I had 6 favourites set up and working.

Fit and finish here is excellent. No imperfections or misaligned pieces. The large screen theme is good looking and is carried through to the top right corner where the clock is located. The clock is simplistic and the LED’s are muted so it’s not obnoxiously bright in a darkened room, nice touch. If you prefer to not see the clock it can be toggled off. It also offers an alarm function.

I found that after the speakers have been powered down it took about a minute to reconnect after boot up. The speaker gives and alert tone and there are also voice prompts when getting setting up Wi-Fi.

To change connection mode between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi it needs to be manually switched. This is simple, toggle through the three connection methods by depressing the multi-function button. The sequence it blue for Wi-Fi, white for Bluetooth, and green for audio cable connection. Push and hold the button to power the speaker on or off.

If you’re in Bluetooth or audio jack connection and push the favourites button it switches to Wi-Fi and starts playing the last station you were listing to although it will take a few seconds.

Volume can be controlled through the app/phone or by using the top mounted buttons.

When listening through BT or Wi-Fi you can advance to the next song by the top mounted button. There is no back button on the speaker.

If I could ask for one improvement it would be the addition of an equalizer within the app itself. This would allow for customization that isn’t there today.

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