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GEVALA II Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass 10W Output Power

GEVALA II Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers with Enhanced Bass 10W Output Power For Outdoor Party Home

Well built but average audio quality


This is a decent Bluetooth speaker but unfortunately its nowhere near spectacular.

They sound is ok, it’s not as bright as other BT speakers I have and while it does produce better bass is not clear bass. I was expecting better bass simply because of the size, the speaker is quite a bit larger than most which would mean larger drivers that should produce better bass frequencies.

Option wise things are pretty standard. Inputs are BT and direct audio cable as well as micro SD card. BT range is average, I found no better coverage even though the claim has been made that it does provide more range.

To test the speaker I used:
BlackBerry PRIV
BlackBerry DTEK50
iPhone 4
Lumia 650
ASUS Laptop
Use of an equaliser was required in each case and in each case the audio reproduction was pretty much the same meaning that the audio quality is limited to the speaker.

Mid-range is ok, highs are ok, bass is good for its size but the overall quality is average and in fact I have at least two other speakers that are smaller and in the same price range which perform better. The speaker isn’t great at reproducing things like the subtle strokes of a cymbal being brushed or a background flute. These are the small things that make what I listen to sound fuller and richer, this speaker lacks this important aspect of music reproduction. This is what makes it an average option.

Construction wise I like this thing. It looks good, its solid feeling and the fit & finish is excellent. Placement of the back-panel controls is good, the top mounted buttons all work and feel good. Being fairly hefty the speaker sits solid on a desk or counter. It could use some way of attaching a lanyard of some sort just to make sure it can be anchored on something like a picnic table which can be subjected to the occasional thumping.

Pairing is a cinch as indicated, noting technical to overcome. If you’ve paired a BT headset you can handle this. You should know however that this speaker is not great at letting you know what’s going on visually. There is a blue/red LED but you need to find it, it’s not located on the top with the controls where it would make sense to put it. Its located so that when you look at the end where the controls are located, a good 1/4 inch inside the top T par is the tiny LED. Unless you are looking right at it when blinking you’ll miss it since it’s not only tiny but also dim.

I do like the positive on/off slide switch where so many competing products have push button power switches. For me this means no guessing if I held the button long enough to power down, or not as happens fairly often.

Charging is simple, use the included, or any other micro USB cable you might already have and plug it into any USB power supply. Play time on the battery is very good but will vary greatly depending on the volume you use. I’ve gotten just over two half days out of one charge.

I found using it to play music off a TF (micro SD) card to be a pain. You have no display to see that’s next or where you are in a list. Yes it works but its guess work unless you’ve got nothing better to do than memorise the order things are in once copied the TF card.

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