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FOME GAMING 2500 DPI Wired USB Optical Mouse

FOME GAMING 2500 DPI Wired USB Optical Mouse Mice,up to 6000 Dpi, 9 Programmable Buttons with 7 Color Option LED Gaming Gamer Ergonomic Mouse Black Color + FOME GAMING Mouse Pad


For a low-cost mouse, there’s a lot to like here.

It glides smoothly due to the large bottom pads. The buttons give nice tactile and audible feedback so you know when you’ve activated, the kind of thing you want when fragging or flinging elves. Since the optical sensor is centre mounted it feels right when using it. If this doesn’t make sense try a mouse where the sensor is off to one side, it makes using the mouse difficult as our brain tends to put our control point in the centre of our hands.

The scroll wheel has nice indents and doesn’t have any kind of a free wheel problem, something that really irritates me. It also has a nice rubber cover that keeps fingers on it rather than slipping off like those that are metal only.

The DPI settings offer enough variance to keep most gamers happy although I would like to see software that would allow for customization of both the DPI settings and the “fire” button. This is the little top mounted button just to the top left of the left mouse button. With other mice which have corresponding software I can set this for whatever I prefer, for me it’s always set as melee. Here I can’t customize properly.

I like braided cords as I find they tend to catch on things like keyboards less and here the cord doesn’t disappoint. Some braids can be rather stiff and interfere but that’s not the case here.

The weight here is a little less than I prefer in a mouse but after a couple of hours I’m able to adapt to the lighter weight.

I appreciated the additional mouse pad, while not a top end pad it’s also better than some $15 pads I’ve used and it just ad’s value to the package, especially if someone doesn’t already have a set up.

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