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Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter

Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter , Electronic Volt Amp Ohm Meter with Diode and Continuity Test, Backlight LCD Display


Good value in a low cost meter

I won’t go saying this is a great little multi meter but it is a good one for the money.

It’s a handy device to have around the garage for occasional use. It has the basic multi meter features and it’s accuracy is sufficient for non-bench type applications. When I tested it across a small DC range it showed inaccuracy’s, nothing significant and non-linear. The range selection is typical of lower cost meters. There are two features that many similar lower end meters don’t have, a hold button and backlit display. These are a nice touch.

There is a small fold out stand that’s on the thin side and quite bouncy. It is easily removed from the back cover and slides back in just as easily.

One thing that appeals to me here is the rubber sleeve that’s fitted around it. While nothing that will protect it from destruction if it hit s cement floor it will help with minor bumps and drops. The sleeve isn’t very thick and to me it just helps get a grip whereas typical plastic can be really slippery.

The probes are the typical generic low cost variety with vinyl outer layer. They require a good push to insert or tug to remove, they don’t flop around nor fall out on their own. There is one thing that surprised me here, the short push on insulation sleeves that only allow a small portion of the probe to be exposed. This is important when working on live circuits as it greatly reduces the likelihood of the probe causing a short.

The 9-volt battery can be replaced, it requires pulling off the outer protective sleeve and removing two small Philips head screws. Because the battery sits in the back clamshell portion, the contacts need to be popped off, this means it take a bit of thumbnail prying to get the two halves opened. As you can see, the fuses are accessed this way as well.

Only time will tell how accurate it will remains but with the new tech its’ most likely going to remain useable for years.

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