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Eshanmu 12″ 300mm Impulse Manual Hand Sealer Heat Sealing Machine

Eshanmu 12″ 300mm Impulse Manual Hand Sealer Heat Sealing Machine Spare Teflon & Sealing Elements
Offered by Shengdadan
Price: CDN$ 36.99


Too many bad things with this machine for me to recommend it

This is an easy to use machine, simply place the bag to be sealed on the bottom ridge which contains the heating strip and then press down on the handle. The handle actuates a switch which then turns the thing on for a timed duration. The front mounted dial is used to set the amount of time that the element is powered up for. This is an important item as different thickness and make up of bags require a different amount of time to properly seal by partially melting the plastic.

I’m using this with Mylar bags and need to have it on the max setting, 3 seconds (level 8). When used with standard vacuum sealer (like FoodSaver) bags I can’t set it at more than 1.5 (level 4) seconds or it cause the bags to melt right through, not just seal.

I appreciate that this included an extra heating element and silicone type mesh cover for the element.

Like other reviewers here, the unit I received was damaged. Nothing is broken but the bottom cover was bent. It seems this company has a problem delivering product that doesn’t have some sort of physical damage. Also of note, this does not have any kind of seal or indication that’s it meets or exceeds any Canadian certification, no CE designation.

Beyond the problems I mentioned, there is more that needs to be said.
♦ The whole thing is plastic and not very sturdy
♦ When depressing the handle you need to be quick as the way in which the switch is activated means that the bag portion closest to the back end gets heated before the front (facing towards the dial). You could in effect seal the back side without sealing the front if you dont depress the handle quickly and all the way.
♦ After taking the cover off to get rid of the bend I was able to inspect the switch and actuator, there is no adjustment and in fact the way in which they have the switch mounted it will break in a short period of time. The actuator has too much pressure (hence the reason it starts heating before the handle is completely depressed) and actually moves/bends the mount which holds the switch.

Ultimately this does the job but it’s not something that will last in the long run.

I would suggest avoiding this sealer and the company, given the damaged machines other reviewers have received as well, and look for something that will last. Again, it’s a case of you get what you pay for.

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