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Epson ES-200 Color Portable Document Scanner

Epson ES-200 Color Portable Document Scanner with ADF for PC & Mac, Sheet-Fed & Duplex Scanning
Price: CDN$ 276.38


Small, fast – able to scan faster than you can pull the next 25 sheets out of the binder

For its size there’s a lot going on in this little machine. While being mobile it’s still equipped with the kind of features found in scanners used in office. It’s a little slower than a stationary version but the mobility factor here is the reason someone would buy this.

TL;DR – Fast little document scanner that produces excellent PDF’s (or other formats) of anything I feed it. The software has enough options to do everything I need. OCR software works excellent on text that’s faded and faint, better than expected. Through their site EPSON offers several options for connectivity to integrate into other software.

The engineering used to put the various features into such a compact device is impressive. The whole design in great. I only found one item that could use a little tweaking. To open the cover a button is slid to the left and the cover is then able to be opened up but this is difficult to achieve one handed. How the cover unfolds to become the document holder with its rabbit ear extensions provides more of a feeder than I was expecting. The fact that its worked without a hitch and scans at the rate it does is a testament to the high level of engineering that’s gone into the unit.

Others have indicated that their scanner was picking up two sheets at a time, I’ve had no double feeds or jams. Everything is working as designed. Scans are fast enough but then comes the rendering which is done on the laptop or PC. This can take a while and the length of time depends on the capabilities your hardware has. Generally speaking, the faster your machine the less time it will take. When a document is scanned the raw data is passed to the software which then has to convert it to a document you can use.

For powering the device there are two options. The scanner comes with an AC adapter and the second option is to simply let your USB3 port power the device. Some have indicated that they weren’t able to power the scanner through USB. If I use my tablet (which has a USB3 port) there isn’t enough power to run it however on my laptop and PC it works quite well with just the USB cord. It all comes down to how much current your machine can provide to the scanner. That said it does require an USB3 connection, USB2 ports weren’t able to power it. There was no difference in scan rates between USB or AC adapter usage.

The EPSON software with driver and utilities combo which is a free download (153MB) had no problem identifying and setting up the scanner. When connecting, part of the process brings up a firmware and software updater program. With this I can easily update anything related to the scanner without needing to be an IT person. It really is that simple. In fact the whole set up requires little more than feeling comfortable with installing new software. The set up software takes care of configuring your computer to work with the scanner. It’s far easier to set up than any printer I’ve ever encountered. The software offering is ok. It’s free so I didn’t expect too much but got more than I expected.

One beef I have is that there’s no case. As it’s a mobile device it would be nice if EPSON included a carry case to protect it when being moved about. I’ve not been able to find anything that will fit it properly and don’t like to move it around as is and get it all scratched up. Even if they sold a case for $10 I’d buy it just to get the right fit.

I’m not overly enthused with the card scanner. Seems like a waste these days. A couple of years ago it would have been popular but today EPSON would be better off to leave this feature out and reduce the cost. Yes it works but then I have to store PDF files of the cards so I’m no further ahead. The free and included application “Presto! Bizcard” is supposed to be available through the update program but I have no option to download it through the application nor from the web site.

Where this scanner shines is in portability, it’s worth taking along even with the few shortcomings.

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