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Engbird IBS-TH1-1 Data Logger Temperature & HumiditySmart Sensor

Engbird IBS-TH1-1 Data Logger Temperature & Humidity Thermometer Smart Sensor With External Probe
Price: CDN$ 64.99


Small, accurate, well laid out app

Simple to set up and use with very good accuracy.

Quick overview: This is an accurate little temp and humidity sensor that has app connectivity which allows for as much or as little info as you might want on current conditions. Range between sensor and device running the app is better than most Bluetooth devices. Range is about 80 feet (25 meters) in my application which includes walls. The app allows for setting alerts for both temp and humidity, high and low ranges. Overall I like it.

App is “Engbird” for both Google and Apple devices. There is no account creation required (BONUS) everything is localized on my device.

Some more details:
I like to know when it’s time to flip the switch and power up the block heater cord on my diesel pick up so I was able to run a good test. Over the last two weeks we’ve had outside temperatures down to -38 C which gave a good idea of how well this will work in extreme cold. It did work but it was obvious that the internal battery wouldn’t last long. Doing a cold weather test, I place the sensor outside and in a matter of 30 minutes the battery dropped from 87% to 43% (it was at 87% when I received it). Once it was brought back indoors and it had an opportunity to warm up the battery percentage indicator did come back up to 85%. To help reduce the overall drain I set the reporting frequency to every 10 minutes rather than the available shorter intervals. For this kind of extreme weather it’s obvious that the device should remain indoors and the external probe be run outside. The battery is rated at 1-year so we’ll see how it fairs. To replace it, a CR2477, pop off the back cover, remove the four small Phillips head screws, gently lift the circuit board, push out the old, insert the new battery, replace the screws and put the cover back in place. In all it takes about 3 minutes.

Accuracy as compared to other thermometers and hygrometers I have is very good, within .5 temperature and humidity readings. The good thing here is that both of these can be calibrated in the app which then sets the values within the sensor. Right out of the box it was calibrated properly.

I found that for temperature bot the internal and external showed the same reading, something that doesn’t always happen with other similar products. The external probe has a 6-foot (2 meter) cable length is long enough in my case to get it located outside. The cable itself while a good quality is very stiff that does create a little bit of a challenge when running it through an opening to the outside. There is one thing to note here, you can’t get both internal and external temperature readings at the same time, when the external probe is connected it overrides the internal temp display. It would be nice if I could get both.

For humidity the sensor has a small vent through which it samples humidity within the environment its placed. The probe is only for temperature sampling.

It is a Bluetooth connected device and I was pleasantly surprised that I was getting about 80 feet before losing connectivity, especially through walls. This is better than most other BT devices I have.

This is an easy to use little device and the app is painless to set up and use. There is really no in app set up required unless you want to give the sensor a name or do any calibration. It detected and connected with the sensor within 20 seconds right out of the box. The app also provides a means of tracking both temperature and humidity changes over a period of time. Not something I use but I can see the advantage of having it if you want to get an idea of the atmospheric trends. The bar graph and plot are easy to navigate for selecting a historical period to review. The app allows me to set up alerts for both temperature and humidity, a high and low point for each. This way when it hit’s -15 C I get an alert and know I’ll need to run the block heater before heading out.

The app does allow for using multiple devices at one time.

With Android 7.1.2 the app will run for about 5 seconds and then crash. On Android 6.0.1 it’s stable. On iOS it’s also stable. The app might need some tweaking to work with newer version of Android.

I look forward to using it in our greenhouse this summer, we have an old weather station with remote that works ok most of the time but doesn’t have alerts.

The device itself is easy to place where you want it, weights almost nothing, and is small enough to hide out of site. The magnetic back is sufficient for holding onto something but the stiff cable can make using this feature difficult.

So the down side here:
► The device doesn’t show dual (indoor and outdoor) temperature readings, not something that can be configured in the set-up options
► The app isn’t stable on all versions of Android

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