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EARSON ER-160 Bluetooth Speaker Portable

EARSON ER-160 Bluetooth Speaker Portable Waterproof Indoor Outdoor 1500mAh Battery Up to 12 Hours Play
Offered by E-Lux Price: CDN$ 68.99

Built like a tank, a tank that delivers excellent sound for its size


In the world of portable Bluetooth outdoor speakers this thing is the best I’ve come across.

I have another EARSON speaker (EARSON ER151 Bluetooth Speakers 2.0 Indoor Outdoor Sports Speakers with 12-hour Playtime Color Black) that I thought was excellent and it was till I ordered this one. I also own a couple of BT speakers that only have one driver and long ago I found that more is indeed better especially when it comes to the number of drivers in BT speakers.

The good stuff right up front:
~Built like a tank
~Two drivers provide sound that is superior to many other BT speakers
~Works with BT connection, direct audio jack, or micro SD card loaded with tunes
~1500mAh battery for hours of playback
~Pairing is painless, look for ER160 in the available BT items list, tap pair and that’s it
~Comes with USB charging cable, direct audio cable, and small carabiner
~Solid loop for fastening to whatever you need it attached to
~Three LED lights to constantly provide charge information
~Use as a hands free speaker and mic for phone calls
~Rubberized end caps to absorb shocks if dropped
~Can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientation (sounds better when stood on end, vertical)
~No lag when playing audio and watching movies

There seems to be a lot more that manufacturers can do with two drivers that isn’t possible with only one. By using special audio circuitry, they can make a small speaker like this emulate something much larger. Also the larger the drivers the better the bass but in order to keep things portable these BT drivers are kept small. Still, even with the small size it amazes me what can be done when there are two drivers.

The audio here is far superior to my laptop so when I watch any movies, Netflix, I use this speaker and I’ve not yet experienced any lag between what an actor is saying and the time it takes the speaker to give me the audio, both are in sync.

The ER-160, beyond sounding as great as possible for its size, is also built like a tank. When I first picked it up I was impressed with its weight. I’m an old fart and I know from the golden days of mega stereos that the larger the magnet on a speaker the better it can handle power and also how well it can reproduce bass frequencies. To me the weight says that these drivers aren’t the type you would find in a dollar store AM radio.

The body is rock solid, there’s no flex or twist here. The end caps are a hard rubberized material that seems like it will absorb a fair amount of impact if dropped.

The drivers are completely internal with 8 mesh covered slots that allow the sound to escape and protect the drivers from physical damage.

Whether it’s lying flat on one of its three sides or standing on end it’s solid.

One item of note that I discovered. When possible I keep the speaker standing on one end, it sounds better. There is a considerable difference in how much of the high and mid range frequencies I can hear. If laying on any one side, two of the slots that allow sound out of the body are covered. By standing it on end all of the slots are open, it makes the music sound a lot fuller.

Access to the controls has been made simple. When the logo is the right side up facing you, the top panel is where the touch buttons and LED’s are located. Left to right, Bluetooth LED and icon, pin hole for mic, power/multi-function button, three orange LED’s that show charge and charging status, forward and reverse buttons.

With the logo still facing you, the left side is where the micro USB charging port is, the audio jack for direct connection to my phone, and a micro SD card slot for playing tunes directly from a card. This panel has a rubberized flap that closes off the panel and is meant to keep out moisture. On the right side is where the play/pause button is located in the centre of a very large dial which is used to control volume. It’s also at this end where the loop is for attaching the included carabiner or other fasteners.

When used for phone calls I found that the speaker audio is very good but people tell me that they get a lot of feedback. I’m ok with this since I have no intention of using this for phone calls unless I have no options.

This is by far the best sounding BT speaker in its size and price class that I have come across.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the flap that’s used to cover up the panel where you connect to cables to it. This does not lock down and there is a gap around half of it which will allow water to get underneath it. It’s better than the seals used on my other BT speakers but it’s still not moisture proof enough for me to keep it sitting outside I the rain.

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