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DODORO USB Charger, Portable 8 Multi-Port USB Power Adaptor

DODORO USB Charger, Portable 8 Multi-Port USB Power Adaptor,Desktop Travel Quick Charger Socket LCD Display with 5 Feet Cord for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Other USB-Powered Devices
Offered by DODORO
Price: CDN$ 59.99


Convenient so so way to charge up to 8 devices

When I first saw this I was impressed, a USB charger that could/would show charge rate for each port. I was half right. It does show a charge rate but not what the device is actually drawing, rather it simply shows the max current available per port i.e. 2.4 amps or 1 amp. Each port is capable of delivery up to 2.4 amps, the charger senses what’s required and delivers.

The 8 ports make for powering a lot of different items at once but there is no cable management nor is there any place to store each item that’s being charged. Amazon carries some charging stations which do provide multiple ports but also a place to store extra cable length and slots to slip phones and tablets into. We Have one of those in the kitchen but for me on the bench this works fine as I’m not as concerned about a rat’s nest of cables.

While actually charging the display lights up temporarily. After going out the read out for each port shows a scrolling battery icon, scrolling means. Once a device is charged the icon

This device has the advantage that there is no separate adapter, the power cable plugs straight into an AC socket. This minimizes the amount of stuff around my desk and it also means no AC adapter taking up extra room on my power bar.

There are no USB cables included, it’s just the charger with its own power cord. The USB A slots are universal so any device cable you that plugs into a USB charger will work here. I’m also impressed that the ports all have a nice snug fit. Once a cable is plugged in it doesn’t flop around. This is a big thing for me. As a bench tech I know how hard it is on power supplies and charging circuits when a connection makes/breaks repeatedly. It results in surges (DC current doe’s this) which then plays havoc with charging circuits and this means your phone, tablet, any device that draws a lot of current can be damaged.

While providing higher current, 2.4 amps and over on multiple ports, the charger has no problem maintaining the correct voltage, 5v. Many chargers allow the voltage to drop below 5 volts which is harder on charging circuits.

When a port is in use charging a device it will show a scrolling battery icon for that port. It also shows the relative current being drawn. Unfortunately this doesn’t change once the attached device is fully charged. It keeps showing the port in use, this doesn’t make sense but that’s how it works. It should change condition in some way that would show the device is charged. With things like Bluetooth headsets there’s no battery indicator so relying on the charger would be a good choice.

I’d also like to see some kind of anti-skid feet on the bottom. As it is the underside is flat slippery plastic which allows it to be moved far too easily when tugging on a cable.

Overall it’s an ok charger set up but could use some improvements.


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