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dodocool Qi Wireless Charger Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount

dodocool Qi Wireless Charger Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 Edge+ / Note 5 / Nexus 7(2nd Gen)/ 5 / 6 and Others (2-coil)


Works flawlessly from the first time I inserted the phone

Wireless charging, better than sliced bread. The less I need to connect a charge cable to my phone the less likely I am to break the connector. Also, in car, the cable can be neatly hidden and placed so that it’s out of the way where as a typical charging cable ends up dangling and flopping around. Something I don’t care for.

Of the two included mounting options, suction cup and vent grip, the vent mount works perfectly for me. It keeps the phone just above the area where my radio is located so I can still see it and change stations plus use the… GASP cassette. I don’t like having things on my windshield if I can avoid it, the last thing I want in a collision of any kind is something sitting up high that will fly around the inside and hurt someone. I was originally leery about the vent mount as I’ve not had great luck with previous versions but this one is made differently. It holds tight and allows for some positioning that the others didn’t have, the bottom leg rest makes all the difference.

I have a protective case on the S8 which makes it quite a bit wider than just the phone. The cradle here fits! The phone is snug both on the sides and bottom, I’m not worried about it coming lose any time soon.

Once I had it mounted and power cable connected at both ends, the phone slipped in and immediately showed that it was charging. Perfect, no messing around, plug and play at its simplest. When I opened the details, it showed that my phone was “Fast Wireless Charging”. I had no idea the phone would/could recognise and identify the difference as this was the first time I had it on a wireless charger. Point is it works flawlessly even though some online sites have people complaining the aftermarket wireless charger they bought didn’t work with their S8. I was also worried that the case I have might keep the phone far enough from the charging coil that it wouldn’t work but it does. The dodcool works perfectly. The charge rate is as rapid as the connected charger.

There is no downside here. Everything from the mount options, length of charge cable, cable management clips, and extra rubber side grip pads make this a very easy to install and use charger. I can’t find anything negative and I tried.

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