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DLAND Military Metal Army Sighting Compass with Inclinometer

Multifunctional Waterproof Compass, DLAND Military Metal Army Sighting Compass with Inclinometer for Camping, Hiking and other Outdoor Activities.( Army Green )
Offered by Dland-USA Price: CDN$ 15.99

When your batteries fail and your phone no longer has GPS to follow your going to need one of these


I needed a compass as my old one had suffered terribly at the jaws of a new puppy so when I saw this I thought that for under $20 I wasn’t going to get much but I so seldom use a compass these days with GPS services on every smart phone. I was surprised when it arrived.

This is not some cheap plastic dollar store item. This thing is a tank. The whole body is die cast metal. The clam shell hinge is going to last a long time. Only the bottom plate is plastic but its secured on four corners.

~Fit and finish is great, everything fits snug.
~The inclination bezel is dampened.
~The compass is a nice module and the dial is oil dampened so it doesn’t spin wildly. The dial moves smoothly on its sapphire bearing.
~The paint is a nice flat dark green that doesn’t reflect light which is helpful.
~All markings are clear and easy to read.
~The threads in the mount for use on a tripod are well done, it’s not a cheap tap job.
~The eye piece for reading degrees off the dial while sighting is easy to use and works well as long as there is a fair bit of light. It’s also removable for cleaning if ever needed.
~Running along the long edges on either side are scales, centimetre on the left and inches on the right.
~The bubble level works and is accurate.
~The attached lanyard is long enough to get a good wrap around your wrist or secure it to a pack.
~The included canvas pouch has a snap that hold firm. The inside has a water proof coating and there is a drain hole located at the bottom. There’s a good 1 1/4 inch belt loop.
~The sighting window/site line dial is incremented with distance measuring notches.
Everything is well done.

Included is a user’s manual that is quite thorough and details how to use a compass but the print is tiny and hard to see.

Taking it out to a field behind our home and putting it to use I was still impressed that such a low-cost compass worked as well as it does. I had no difficulty executing a nice 6 pointed geometric walk about.

I’m happy to have come across this item, for the price I paid it’s a good deal.






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