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Delonghi DEX16F Compact 15 Pint Dehumidifier

Delonghi DEX16F Compact 15 Pint Dehumidifier
Price: CDN$ 299.99


A quiet little machine that does what it’s supposed to

For us this isn’t the kind of thing we use often but when needed, it’s darn handy to have around.

For its size I’m fairly impressed at just how well it works but equally so because of how quiet it is. It really is a small unit that’s easy to locate in any room we have. Appearance wise it’s an average looking appliance that doesn’t stand out. Weight wise it’s not heavy and is easily carried to wherever its needed. The top molded handle is easy to hold onto and feels secure.

The owner’s manual is well laid out and easy to follow. There really isn’t anything complicated about this machine and as such it doesn’t require a very detailed manual. There is no set up other than removing the various pieces of tape that are used for shipping.

When first powering the unit up it does make slightly more noise than when steadily running. Like any refrigeration unit there is a little compressor noise till the unit is fully working. This lasts for no more than 4 or 5 minutes and after that the squirrel cage fan is quiet yet still moves a fair bit of air. The exhaust air is slightly warmer than ambient room temperature which is quite normal considering the work being done.

It would be difficult to give an idea of how fast it can remove moisture without rigging up a complicated set up, I can only say that the rate it does remove moisture is adequate for us. The different options for automatically setting a desired humidity level. At this time of year we do a lot of canning and that means cooking down things like pots full of tomatoes for sauce, this results in far too much humidity in the home. This year using this little machine we had far less of a problem with windows fogging. I can say that running the dehumidifier we could almost see a correlation between the amount of water that evaporated out of the pots and what we found in the reservoir which requires emptying at least twice a day. When the reservoir is full, the unit automatically powers down the dehumidifying operation and the front mounted warning light comes on indicating it needs attention.

The 3-foot easy connect hose works but there are a couple of problems. First off its too ridged and there is no way to really position it around a corner it needed plus it doesn’t like to stay where its put. The connection is not like anything else, a garden hose for instance, which would make using it for prolonged periods without needing to empty the reservoir much easier. It’s a good idea but the actual hose and or connection needs to be improved.

♦ The capture container (reservoir) is simple to remove for emptying and then replace. It doesn’t fall out and clicks into place. It’s secure enough that moving from one room to another, even when the reservoir is full, it stays in place.

♦ This isn’t an expensive machine to run. Under full load it only draws 1.4 amps or 170 watts of power, far less than a portable air conditioner.

♦ A 6-foot-long power cable is attached and is actually a heavier gauge than needed for the current this machine draws but it’s nice to have over kill.

Operation wise it’s well designed and simple to use:
There are only two buttons, first is for power on/off and the second toggles through the different humidity settings every time its depressed. There’s also a failsafe, if the machine is powered on/off repeatedly too quickly it automatically waits for three minutes before operating to reduce moisture. During this time the fan runs at a reduced speed and can barely be heard. This normal for any machine with a refrigeration unit in it.

Air is pulled through the back and then expelled upwards. This upwards flow of air means that we don’t have a breeze pointed into any particular direction within the room. For filtering, the fine screen does catch larger dust particles but at the same time the screen doesn’t impede air flow. To help reduce bacteria, and as a result some odours, in the home the included (in this model) anti-allergen filter provides some additional reduction of unwanted nasties. It only covers a small percentage of the total filter area, I’d like to see it cover at least 50% so that it could make a real difference. This is a thin sponge material that sort of slips into four corner catches and is held in place by air being drawn over it.

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