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Comfortable to wear, sounds good, and has a good feature set

KingYou HD-01 Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones HiFi Bass Headset with Mic for Phone Laptop TV – Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)


The HD-01 is a nice light weight headset that for the price has good audio reproduction.

While the head set has no problems recreating bottom end bass frequencies it’s not as bright at the high end. Using an equalizer helps but I would still prefer a little more overall brightness on the high end. The audio quality is decent no matter what I listen to.

▲▲▲ Word of caution, they can be very loud! This headset has it’s own volume control in addition to the device it’s connected to.

One important item that’s a consideration for anyone who wants to use a headset for something other than music, such as watching Netflix or other video sources, there is no lag. I used the headset to watch Netflix on both my laptop and phone and was happy to note that in both situations I could detect no lag between what I was hearing and seeing the actor’s lips moving.

Besides using it in Bluetooth mode it can also be used with legacy devices that only have auxiliary audio jacks. The included audio cable is a good length although adding another foot to the overall length would be nice.

I’ve often found that headsets can produce high pitched whining noises or popping/hissing kind of noises. I hear nothing like that with this headset. When there’s no audio its completely quiet the way it should be.

Because it’s so light weight I find that it can be worn for hours and I don’t end up with any kind of irritation to either the top of my head (has a nice padded inside portion of the head band) and on my ears. The muffs are nice and soft with a comfortable leather looking silicone type of cover. The headband has extensions for each side and then there’s the swivel on each muff that allows for a nice fit.

Connecting and paring the headset to a number of different devices was super simple. Also because it’s a Bluetooth 4.1 device it nicely pairs with more than one device at a time. Reconnecting after being powered down is fast. Without any difficulties, I paired with three different phones (Android, Windows, and iPhone) as well as Windows laptop and tablet.

► Easily pairs with more than one device
► Lots of adjustment capabilities
► Very comfortable to wear for long periods, like when watching movies
► No lag between what I hear and what’s happening in a movie
► I found that the audio quality, both incoming and outgoing, on phone calls is very good
► Standard configuration of the buttons for controlling audio and forward/back in tunes
► Has good audio quality when used on phone calls

Controls are laid out on the right-hand muff. One thing I like here is that the volume and forward/backward buttons are configured the way I like them. Short presses change the volume, long presses navigate through the playlist. Many devices have these two things reversed and personally I prefer this set up as I dont skipp throught a play list anywhere near as much as I change volume. The multi function button is used to play/pause music and answer/end calls. For pairing press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, you get an audio prompt indicating pairing mode is on. In your list of available device look for HD-01 and pair.

Charging is like most other BT devices, via the included micro USB cable, or any other micro USB cable you might already have. The little LED located on the outer side of the right ear muff shows red while charging and blue when finished. It’s also on continuously when connected and in use. When pairing it clashes red/blue.

Overall it’s a nice lightweight headset with decent audio reproduction and a lot of good features. Compared to other headsets I have in the same price range it’s a good alternative that I find more comfortable to wear.

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