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Canon MAXIFY MB2120 Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax

Canon MAXIFY MB2120 Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax, Black
Offered by Mikes Computer Shop
Price: CDN$ 150.68


For a small home office, here’s a low cost multipurpose business machine

I’ve not been a fan of inkjet printers primarily because laser printers have come down so much in cost, it seemed like a step back to get an inkjet. I was wrong.

Right off the top, the good stuff:
~Provides clean and sharp image reproduction even on standard paper
~Cartridges are very simple to load or change out
~Quiet operation while printing, scanning, or faxing
~Intelligent auto low power mode
~Easy to navigate user interface display
~Very easy setup, just follow the manual and it’s a done deal
~Completely wireless printing from PC or Smartphone
~Large (250 sheet) paper tray
~Full duplex printing, short or long edge flip
~Software and driver install was a breeze
~Software provides all of the information you need to manage the printer
~Paper loads from front (long) edge
~Use paper tray or feed individual sheets as needed
~Machine is light weight and easy to move
~Direct USB connection
~Save scanned items to a PC file, USB drive, email address, or destination folder
~It does push out multiple prints at a speed that’s far better than I need at home and would be quite useable in a small office

This Canon has completely impressed me with all of its functions working like they should. The duplex printing capability is very welcome. The current laser and previous inkjet weren’t equipped with this option. While we have the commercial grade printers in the office that do duplex printing it was just not something I was going to invest in for home. The pricing here makes having this option workable.

I’m quite pleased with how well this machine works and the abilities it has. While only time and repeated operations will tell how well its built there have been no glitches or even hiccups throughout the process of setting it up and making use of it. No matter what feature I use it works as needed. The user interface display easily guides you through the options available for each feature.

The machine looks clean, there are no odd edges or crannies, fit and finish is well done.

The longer story:
##Getting the printer set up after de-boxing it is simple but make sure to follow the instructions as there are a few pieces that NEED to be removed before using it. If you miss any of them it could cause damage.
##The “Getting Started 2” manual provides everything you need to get the printer setup and networked. You don’t need to be an IT specialist or a 12 year old to make this work. Step by step instructions are included for both iOS and Android.

Image reproduction is far better than any inkjet I have ever owned and I have a hard time making out a difference between it and the laser printer when it comes to the everyday stuff. When I print a very graphically intense image (lots of colour variation) the inkjet has a tendency to soak the paper which reduces the image quality. This is dramatically different from what the laser produces of the same camera image file. The quality is very different when using photo paper but I can be cheap and photo paper isn’t.

As a copier, it’s a little slow but the reproduction for both text and images is very nice, with copied text documents I need to look very closely to notice it’s a reproduction. Where it’s more obvious is with things like signatures where the pen shows as a copied item. The quality of reproduction overall is very close to that provided by the high-end office business machines.

Being able to fax in black and white or colour is also a nice touch, as long as the receiving machine is capable of printing colour faxes. The time required to image one sheet is very short once the printer has come to life. Scan time on a two page fax is better than the dedicated office fax.

When the printer is powered down or in a deep sleep state I found it takes a good 30 seconds to become ready for use. There is a bit of noise as it does its thing getting ready but nothing that will wake up everyone in the home.

The printer itself is large, there’s no getting around this fact. It has a large foot print so you’ll need some desk or counter space, for me it’s about 40% larger than the laser printer I was using. The good thing is that the only cable you need to worry about is for power, no more Ethernet connection.

On the down side:
~There is no Ethernet connection at all, so if you don’t have a Wi-Fi set up you’ll have to be close enough to use USB
~The paper tray pulls out on the long side which for some may be a problem
~Large footprint, 19 inches long x 19 inches wide (with paper tray inserted) x 10 1/4 inches high
~I would like the four rubber feet to be at least 1/4 high to allow for setting the printer up on an uneven surface, as the machine is so large this is likely to happen for more people that just myself

I could spend a lot of time going over more of the features but the seller has done a good job of providing specs so I won’t waste time duplicating that information.

This multipurpose machine is priced within the consumer home market but delivers small business features and functionality.



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