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Bulova Women’s 96L116 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Mother of Pearl Dial Watch

Bulova Women’s 96L116 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Mother of Pearl Dial Watch


Typical Bulova quality ladies watch with beautiful detailing

There’s just something elegant about round faced lady’s watches, a look that today’s digital jewellery just can’t compete with. Especially when the face is adorned with diamonds (or simulated diamonds, crystal chips) and Bulova has been getting this look right for a lot of years. The watch isn’t sporty looking, instead it’s the kind of jewellery that’s worn when going for an evening out. That said, my wife has taken to wearing it to the office where she’s gotten a number of compliments. The mother of pearl face has that typical shimmer to it which catches light and shows off distinct striations that add to the overall look. The fit and finish is beautiful. Attention has been paid to the details, everything from the crystal chip placement to the styling on the Roman numerals which are used instead of the standard number set.

While the face is elegant the bracelet is no let down either. Links fit perfectly. Making adjustments to the bracelet is easy enough, if you’ve done this with other watch bands you should have no problems here. Links can be removed on both sides of the clasp so that if more than one or two need to be removed it can be balanced out. We found that the clasp was very stiff when the watch first arrived. So stiff that it almost felt as if something was going to break while opening it. Closing it was much easier and results in it popping closed. We discovered that the clasp actually opens in both directions, this makes it easier to open as one direction was more awkward than the other and resulted in broken finger nails.

While the crystal chips used to encircle the face and line the links do protrude to some extent, they so far haven’t caught on any clothing. They seem to be cut in such a way that there are no rough edges.

As for keeping time, no complaints. In 4 weeks it’s lost about one second which is more than reasonable. Setting time is like any standard pre-digital watch. Pop out the crown and turn clockwise till both hands show the time desired. I say clockwise for a reason. Many time pieces are made so that if the crown is turned counter clockwise the crown can actually be spun out or other inner working pieces come loose. It’s not much of an issue with most current watches but this is a good habit to have.

I can’t find anything negative other than the tight clasp which quickly became easier to use.


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