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Bright Outdoors Solar Camping Lantern / Flashlight with Powerbank

Bright Outdoors Solar Camping Lantern / Flashlight with Powerbank – LED, USB Rechargeable, Portable and Collapsible Lamp. Versatile Trekking, Hiking, Travel or Emergency Light.
Sold by: Premium Choice Products
CDN $19.95


Decent camp light with a solr cell that keeps the battery topped up

For the money this is a nice little accordion camping light.

The solar charger feature has proven to be more use in keeping the battery topped up. I don’t know how many days in full sunlight it would take to go from dead to fully charge but I left it for 5 days and when I connect to a charger it’s still drawing current. The solar panel is too small to provide any real charging beyond keeping the battery at a full charge so its ready to go when needed.

At 800mAh the battery will keep the light going for several hours but as a power bank for use in charging my phone, well it might give me a little emergency power but that’s about it. You can see in the image below that when my phone is drawing under 1 amp the voltage drops to well below 4 volts which means it can’t keep up with the load. But again, this is a feature that would come into play in an emergency.

It’s actually a nice little light, its main purpose. Light enough to fit into a back pack without adding a significant amount of weight is always nice but for us it’s used to light up the picnic table as we sit playing cards in the evenings. Once pulled out the accordion feature lights up the whole table. As a flash light it casts a decent beam albeit a little wider than most flashlights. The two light settings don’t offer that much difference. I’d say that the lower setting is about 70% of the high setting. The third light option is a straight twice per second flash for drawing attention. Each time the power button is pressed it toggles through the three selections and back to off. The rear attached plastic half loop allows for hanging from a tree or any wire/rope set up. We’ve used it like this for cards, the lamp still offers downwards shining light (like a partial flashlight) while also casting light off of the accordion section.

The micro USB charging port and USB A port for charging a phone have a decent silicone cover that will keep most rain out of the light.

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