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BONUSIS PS4 Controller Fast Charge Station

BONUSIS PS4 Controller Fast Charge Station -Dual USB Simultaneous Charger Dual Charging Dock Cradle Stand Accessory for Sony Playstation 4 Gaming Control with LED Indicator + Mini USB Cable (Black)
Offered by Bonusis Price: CDN$ 21.79

Makes me look organized and provides a cool looking way to keep my PS controllers in one place


I like an uncluttered living room, especially around the TV so when I had the chance to grab this cradle which also charges my controllers I jumped at it.

So far I’m pretty happy, with the wide base it sits solid, especially once the weight of the controllers is on it. The entire bottom of the base has a dense foam pad that helps to keep it from slipping or marking up my TV stand. Using it is about as simple as it could be, it’s very nicely designed.

The controllers sit well cradled. They slip in easily and then it takes just a little push to pop in the charging connector. The cradle is made so that it has two points that support each controller which allows the controller to be locked in and keeps it from just slipping out if the stand is nudged. There’s enough room between the two that either one can be removed without disturbing the other. The height it’s at is good, if it was any taller it might become tippy.

In a darkened room the blue LED’s make it easy aligning the USB connectors and the they light up the plastic hanger brackets giving the whole thing a very cool look. To me the whole thing looks great, the way the controllers sit offset from each other, the backwards slant, the wide curved base, it all adds up to make a very nice looking accessory that I don’t mind having in my living room.

Fit and finish is well done. There are no blemishes or rough edges, I can’t find any mold lines and the whole thing just looks great. It does have a black shiny surface which shows dust easily as well as finger prints.

So far, I haven’t had any problems with charging. It will take a while to determine if the charge is any slower. I don’t suspect it will be and the controllers sat on charge overnight anyway.

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