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Blusmart Double Stitching BBQ Grill Cover – Barbeque

Double Stitching BBQ Grill Cover – Barbeque Waterproof Grill Cover for Large Accessories with Portable Carry Bag – Made For Heavy Duty With Zipper (Beige)- Blusmart
Offered by efsuk
Price: £22.59

Perfect fit and relatively light weight!
More than big enough to cover my barbeque, straps down well and well stitched.
So I’m older and remember a time when boys went camping with cubs and scouts. This hood reminds me of the stitching you used to see back then, good old fashion tough stitching. Perfectly straight and tough enough to go to war.
Water proofing is great as it rained the first night out and no issues. Wrap the clips through the tabs on the inside of the cover and clip them down around the wheels/legs. Also a nice string and toggle for right at the bottom to ensure not even plash back from hard rain gets under this thing, pull it tight around the lowest part of the BBQ.
Super quality, tough as nails and have no doubt it will outlast the barbeque!

Ok so why 4 stars? No instruction although simple to setup. Gotta have instructions

Easy to recommend this BBQ cover.

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