Bluetooth Audio Amplifier, 2.1 Channel Subwoofer HiFi Power Amplifier for Home or Car, Motorcycle Boat Tablet PC Laptops, 2 x 45W & 68W, USB and Bluetooth Supported
Sale:CDN$ 71.99


A high powered option for adding Bluetooth connectivity to a home system

I still have some old time speakers, the kind that were connected to the 2.0 stereo system that sat on top of a cement block entertainment system while in college. Now I’m able to take them out of moth balls and use them with a Bluetooth connection.

TL;DR – Good value here. Connection options which extend the amps applications for both mobile and in home use. Very good audio reproduction.

The amplifier provides a means to extend Bluetooth connectivity to older legacy devices that were produced pre BT days. It has both an audio jack and composite line audio (RCA) connections. I was able to use both of these last two types, audio jack with a tablet and line in with an old stereo receiver.

Audio reproduction no matter how I was utilizing the amp was good. At full volume, if I held my ear right up to a speaker I could hear a slight bit of electrical noise. It didn’t matter if I was running off of the included adapter power supply or a true DC input from a battery. The noise is generated internally. Once more than a foot away from the speaker it wasn’t discernible. Also when running at full volume the THD was minimal, its rated at less than .1% which is pretty good for such a low lost device. I’ve not experienced any clipping or other issue which sometimes manifest in audio amplifiers. This is actually a pretty clean amp for the cost, especially when you consider all the connectivity options.

► The front mounted USB port recognised and played from sticks formatted in exFAT, FAT32, and NTFS.
► I only use two music file formats, MP3 and WMA which I am able to play from a memory stick

For controls, the front mounted treble, bass, and volume knobs provide a maximum override. With the remote or external connected device I can adjust the volume but only up to the limit set by the front mounted volume control. In other words, this control places a max limit on how loud the amp will run no matter what volume the feed is set at.

The Sub cross over freq and sub volume are adjustable but the pot knobs are much smaller which reflects the “set it and forget it” aspect of these two controls. Point is that they are there and I can easily access them when/if needed in the future.

Treble and bass can be set to zero, which is where I set them, so that they have no effect. For equalization, the incoming feed from a phone or other device can use its own equaliser/tone control. When using a memory stick there are 6 pre-set equaliser settings which are selectable via the remote.
► Pre-sets in the manual are labelled as – Off, Flat, Rock, Pop, Jazz, or Classic.
► When changing from one to another the display temporarily shows the setting number, 0 to 6.

The remote is an infrared transmitter which requires me to have a line of sight back to the amp. It doesn’t provide as wide a range as RF remotes but about all I need to use it for now is to turn the amp on and off or switch from line to BT, everything else is like incoming volume us controlled via the connected device.

Having dug out the old college speakers and sub I was able to get things tuned so that whatever I played through the amp sounded great. I know that while things sound great the speakers are half the equation and lower cost speakers will most likely have the effect of reducing audio quality.

► The small user manual is well written and easy to understand.
► If you’ve done anything with automotive amps or radios this is a cinch to set up
► While running at near full power, better than 80%, the case does warm up but it never gets hot

Now that I have it figured out and tuned to my liking I just need to swap out the non-Bluetooth connected sound bar we use on the TV with this set up and get more use from the set up.

♦ There is one annoying aspect with this amp, every time it powers up or down it uses a tone to let you know something is happening. If the volume was left high the tone can be very loud and a good way to wake up the house.
♦ Bluetooth range is just slightly better any other BT speaker or device I have. I was expecting it to be quite a bit better with the externally mounted antenna but while range has improved it isn’t significant.
♦ Hopefully in a future version SPDIF connectivity will be added.

The base has mounting slots at 3 1/8th spacing on both sides that will work with up to a number 8 screw/bolt.