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BlitzWolf 20W Wireless Speakers

BlitzWolf 20W Wireless Speakers 4,000mAh Stereo Metal Made Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker include 33ft Bluetooth Range and 3.5mm Audio and 0.6ft Cable, Up to 10h MP3 Player


Very impressive audio from such a compact device

Right up front, I am impressed.

I have a few Bluetooth speakers and some of them sound pretty good but none of them sound like this little guy. The audio out here is crystal, bright, clear, without electrical noise of any kind and fully rounded. What I mean by fully rounded is that there’s no loss, all of the nuances that make great music great is there. The strumming of a guitar string, a brush being run over a cymbal, crystal clear tones of a flute, its all there. This is true at both high and low volume.

TL;DR – Little speaker with huge sound which is clearer than any other speaker in this size range that I have used. Clear and clean audio no matter the volume. Decent playback time for its size and weight.

One of the tests I use with any audio equipment is to run at low volume and listen closely, are all the background instruments present? At higher volumes, most speakers bring them out but only high-end drivers are capable of this at low volume. At the other end, crank it up and listen for distortion. I’m very happy with the results no matter what I feed this thing.

I found that whatever genre of music I play it all sounds great. I set my equaliser to flat and it still sounds great. Not many speakers I own have been able to do this. Generally they are strong in one of the three ranges, hi, mid, or low end which then requires the use of an equaliser so that it can be tuned to provide something that sounds better at the weaker ranges. Here the audio response from the various drivers is good enough that nothing had to be tuned down or cranked up. The bass is stronger than those other speakers, it’s still not window rattling level but for the size, the bass is impressive especially because the other ranges haven’t been sacrificed.

There is one more test that I use, and this is something that really annoys me with so many audio devices especially wireless speakers and headsets. Turn the volume up but don’t play anything and then listen for electrical (computer clock or AC) noise. I couldn’t hear anything, no hissing, whining, popping, clicking or that high pitched computer clock signal noise. This is a well-designed speaker which offers far more in the way of quality in every way than many higher priced big name speakers.

After unboxing always make sure to give a full charge before using. This ensures the batteries will perform better across their life time. On one charge I’m getting about 8 hours of playback at better than 75% volume. Charging takes a couple of hours but during this time the speaker is quite useable, in fact it can be left plugged in so that when it needs to hit the road the batteries are fully charged. Even with the charger connected there was no electrical noise, not something other speakers can boast.

Size wise its designed to be small enough to carry but still produce large sound. It’s a little on the heavy side but that’s a good thing. It allows the drivers (speakers) can run full power and not blow. It also means that this little guy is capable of producing more bass than most speakers its size, it keeps up with even similar sized big name speakers.

While it does have good phone audio, both incoming an outgoing, this isn’t something I use as I don’t need my phone calls broadcast throughout the home.

The top mounted buttons provide standard music player control:
► Phone answer/hang up
► Volume up/down
► Skip back/forward
► Pause/play
► There is no TF card slot on this speaker. Again, this is something I’m personally ok with as I don’t use this playback option with other speakers I have which can use a TF card. I find it far more convenient to use either an PM3 player or phone paired with the speaker as with a TF card plugged into a speaker there is no knowing where it is in the play lest and I certainly can’t search and select one particular tune whenever I want.

► Pairing is super simple with multiple devices. Push and hold the rear mounted power button till the top mounted LED starts to blink, then in your Bluetooth list search for “BW-F4” and pair.

I haven’t been able to find anything I dislike or could call negative with this speaker.

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