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BlackBerry Motion Soft Skin Full Coverage Screen Protector

BlackBerry Motion Screen Protector J&D Soft Skin Full Coverage Bubble Free HD Clear Screen Protector for BlackBerry Motion
Price: CDN$ 12.95


Fits well but problems in production meant I couldn’t use these shields

The four stars I’m giving here are for the method provided for applying the shields and because of how well they fit the screen. Using the included tiny sprayer and wetting down the adhesive side of the shield before applying to glass makes it far easier to get everything aligned as the shield is able to be gently slid around. Once in place the water and any air bubbles are easy to smooth out using the included stiff rubber tool.

Fit wise they were well cut and because the shield is flexible the outer edges covered the gently curved glass screen, there were no bubbles or gaps like I’ve gotten with hard glass shields.

The problem with this is/was the shields themselves. To get the cut out so that the shield doesn’t sit on top of the camera they punch out the hole. In one shield this punched out piece was lodged between the shield and back cover. Tying to remove the piece resulted in the shield having an area around the camera hole (where the piece was lodged) get all mucked up.

The second shield didn’t have this problem, rather it had an area located just above and to the right of the button hole (located at the bottom) which was deformed. It looked like a long smudged finger print. This was noticeable once the cover was pulled off so that water could be applied for applying the shield.

End result is that I had to toss both shields.

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