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Black & Decker TR2200SBD 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Black & Decker TR2200SBD 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster, Bagel Toaster, Black/Stainless Steel
CDN$ 39.99


Big brand name toaster with a very poor design

Looking at the toaster here, it’s attractive and seems workable. In reality when it arrived it still looked ok but it’s not a great machine and is going back.

While cleaning it up after removal from the box, there were pieces of tape holding packing material to the top, the super thin chrome plating scratched while using a cotton cloth with a little dish soap water in an effort to get rid of the residual glue.

When toasting something as simple as regular pre-sliced grocery store bread that drops all the way into the machine once I depress the basket it leaves a good inch at the top untoasted. It’s the same on both sides. The tray goes down deep enough, it just seems as of the heating elements are not set to toast the very top of the bread.

Within the first three uses (after running it a couple of times to burn off the oils which are always present on new heating elements) a section of the top plastic started to melt and distort. While it’s not dramatic (see image) at this point it still worries me, how much more will it melt over time?

The power cord is another issue, it’s too short. Its short and then to make things worse it connects at the front of the machine and runs on the underside so I end up losing another 9 inches of cord. I also don’t like the idea of an un-insulated cable running so close to the underside which does get hot.

In addition to the above, once the basket is depressed you have to push one of two buttons, either the toast or defrost, which ever suits the purpose. This in itself is not a bad thing but because the toaster is so light weight and the buttons so stiff, every time I press the toast button the machine gets pushed back against the wall which makes me have to reach behind it and pull it back. I need to do this without burning myself on the thing!

The whole machine is just poorly designed.

Amazon is great and started the return process with no problems.
The machine itself, I cannot recommend.

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