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Bissell 8852 ProHeat Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Bissell 8852 ProHeat Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
Price: CDN$ 249.99


Beware of Hobbits and tricksy wives

I was pretty excited to get this. There’s this old RV parked outside that’s been well used and as such the carpeting inside was in dire need of cleaning. Amazing how much stuff can get carried in on socks and shoes, even with the carpet that gets laid out on the ground in front of the stairs and door.

In my haste I made a huge mistake, guys take note. My wife was excited as well, or so it seemed. She wanted to give it a go but since I would be writing up the review I thought it best that I run it so I grabbed it and set off outside. I was so impressed I kept going for a while and this is where I went wrong. When I offered her the machine she gave me a that sideways look that you get and said I was doing fine, it looked like the machine and I had bonded. Bonded? Short story, I am now the carpet cleaning king and feel like Golum in LOTR where he cries out about the tricksey Hobbitses!

It really did a number on the old carpets, took stuff out that had been lodged in there for years. The pictures I took don’t really do it justice. The largest portion took only a couple of minutes but there is so much carpet over areas that are curved and have tight corners, this took a lot longer with the upholstery attachment so I got a very good understanding of just how well it works, or doesn’t. It did work well in our vehicles on both the seats and carpets. Took the salt stains out with just a couple of passes. This is probably as much a function of the machine as it is the cleaning solution. I used only the sample provided although there are many products that could be used. I believe that by following the directions and using hot water it makes the process that much quicker and effective.

There are a couple of things that I’m not impressed with:
► When running the machine over carpets and then stopping I found that it leaked about half a cup at each stop. Once I was aware of this I was able to move the machine to allocation where the water wasn’t a concern. The other spots I was able to use the machine to pick up the water it leaked.
► When using the upholstery attachment, the sprayer doesn’t deliver the solution evenly across the width it sprays. There’s more on one side than the centre and opposite side. It also sprays well back behind the brush and intake. I found this made it difficult to accurately target those tight corners in the RV and some other material got the over spray.
► The bladder used to hold the cleaning solution has a cap over the filler which either pops off with just a slight touch or is neigh impossible to get off, depending on which direction its tackled from.
► While it works, the fact that the container which holds the above bladder is also the catch basin for recovered cleaning solution and collected material, it gets messy and the whole thing needs to be disassembled so that it can be completely washed to avoid a build-up of nasty stuff that starts to smell after a couple of days (my fault I guess).

Overall it saves me money in the long run and because of its smaller size it also saves on my back. Our option for carpet cleaning in the past has always been to rent those very big and heavy machines from the supermarkets. Schlepping them back and forth is no longer going to happen and this pleases me as much as having clean carpets.

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