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Belkin 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector

Belkin 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector


Easy to use and you don’t need an electrician to install the adapter

I’ve been using Belkin UPS devices for years so when I was looking for a multiple outlet AC socket adapter I felt comfortable buying this item when it showed up in the search.

Like power bars, the over voltage protection here is simple and works up to a point, any major surge will still get past any item like this and harm your electronics but it does help for those lesser spikes. If you need to protect some really expensive items get a full-fledged UPS (stands for “uninterruptable power supply”).

One thing to keep in mind with this or any “protection” power bar or adapter, they all lose their ability to protect as time goes by, the older they are the less they can do to keep your toys safe. With these newer adapters, the little green LED is your indication that the adapter can still offer a decent degree of protection. The red LED also lets you know if there is a problem with your ground connection in that wall socket.

I liked the mounting option here, the screw you see in the centre lines up with most AC outlets that have a screw securing the plate in the middle. I’ve seen some newer types that don’t have the centre screw so to use this you simply remove the adapter screw and plug it in. However, doing this means that every time you unplug something the whole thing wants to pull out of the socket, this is why the screw is there. It keeps the adapter fixed to the wall socket when you unplug something.

You don’t have to be an electrician, as long as you have a flat screw driver you can do this. You remove the little screw on the wall plate. Keeping the wall plate in position push this into the socket and then tighten up the screw (shown in the middle of the adapter). That’s it.

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