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AUKEY USB C to HDMI Adapter, 4k, 1080P Support for MacBook, Chromebook and More

HDMI Adapter, AUKEY USB C to HDMI Adapter, 4k, 1080P Supported for MacBook, Chromebook and More

Quick and easy to connect, no drivers or configuration, just plug and play the video

Excellent product.

My laptop only has one HDMI output and I have two external monitors I want to run so this is a perfect fit. The USB 3 connection is such a versatile thing, from display adapters to data connections.

I like that this was immediately recognized by Windows 10 and no drivers needed to be downloaded and there was zero configuration. As soon as I plugged the HDMI cable into the adapter the monitor fired up. A simple set up in Windows for monitor spanning and I was ready to go in under 2 minutes.

I’ve purchased Aukey products in the past and have never had any issues with them, either with physical build quality or electronic usability. The way this thing is built I expect no problems with it being tossed into a laptop bag or generally moved around and handled a lot. I like how the whole outside wrap is nice thick aluminium that then has both the cable and connector end well sealed. The HDMI connector has a snug fit for the cable and the USB C connector is also seated very tightly.

I immediately used the connected monitor for videos to see how well it would handle the data flow. Everything ran smooth, no glitches or any kind of visual irregularities. I then hooked it up to our 4K TV and steamed Netflix 4K through the laptop. Everything was just as expected, a beautiful 4K image and smooth video. There is a green LED next to the HDMI port that powers up to indicate that the device has power. After running video for about an hour the device still had not heated up. This is a nice touch as it lets you trouble shoot if you encounter any kind of problems with an external monitor not working.

The USB C cable is a little stiffer than your normal USB cable and I like this. It allows me to put a slight bend into it so that the HDMI cable can be held in place rather than drift off and stick out. Strain relief at both ends of the cable is well done. This is a well designed and built adapter.

It really doesn’t get easier than this if you need to hook up a second or, in my case, a third monitor and you only have a USB C port to use.



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