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AUKEY USB C Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Ports, VGA Port ( 1080P Resolution), Aluminium Body

AUKEY USB C Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Ports, VGA Port ( 1080P Resolution), Aluminium Body for MacBook 2016, Chrome Book Pixel, Other Type C Supported Devices

Takes care of two needs at the same time and does them flawlessly


It seems that you can never have enough USB ports these days.

I already have multi-port USB hubs connected to the various USB 3 ports but still need to add the occasional item, things like cameras or if I need to transfer files on my phone. You can also never have enough screen real-estate so being able to use and old VGA monitor, at up to 1080p, with this adapter is a big bonus for me. Yes, it’s an old monitor but it still functions perfectly. If I was to use it with another cable I would need to disconnect the monitor on my Thunderbolt or HDMI port so there’s no gain, add one lose one. Here I can keep the other external monitors and add he VGA.

I can now comfortably add the VGA monitor plus have ports for adding USB devices. This is a brilliant idea, put two adapters into one. You get four high speed USB 3 ports, which are backwards compatible with USB 2/1.1, that run full speed and an additional VGA Port. There is no additional AC adapter to provide power so you do need to consider how much current all of the plugged in devices will draw through this adapter. Most powered items such as phone, cameras, and video equipment have their own power. Many items such as some external hard drive enclosures and thumb drives don’t have their own power.

Transfer speeds between a USB 3 thumb drive and my laptop through the adapter is the same as when the thumb drive is inserted directly into a USB 3 port. Any USB device that gets connected is automatically detected and added to the devices you will see in Windows. Thumb drives or external hard drives simply show as another drive in Windows Explorer and you can access them the same as you would if they were connected in any other way. At the same time, I can be running Netflix on the VGA monitor. Neither one, data transfer or video suffers any lag.

Windows 10 immediately discovered and used the adapter, no driver download or configuration is required. I can’t speak to other versions of Windows but based on my experience it won’t matter if you use Win 7 or 8.1, it will simply work with no fuss. Sorry, my testing is limited to Windows 10 as that’s the only OS my machines run on.

All USB ports offer a snug fit, no lose or wobbly connections here. The VGA port is also a nice fit however there are no fastening points (threaded connections) for the VGA connector screws. Except for the ends the whole thing is wrapped in a nice extruded (no seem) aluminium shell that looks like it will weather bumps and drops nicely. The cable is well done, it’s a little stiff which allows it to be bent somewhat so it stays pointed in the direction you want.

I’ve purchased a number of Aukey products and have never had any issues with them. I have reached out to them with some questions and the response has always been very fast and courteous. They make a real effort to ensure that their customers are happy with their products. Then to top it off they offer a 24-month warranty.

I can’t find anything to nit-pick about, this is a very well built and excellent performing adapter that takes care of two needs at once.




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