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AUAUA iPad Mini4 Leather Case with Smart Cover Auto Sleep/Wake

AUAUA iPad Mini4 Leather Case with Smart Cover Auto Sleep/Wake +Screen Protection Film For Apple iPad Mini 4, 7.9 inch Apple Tablet (iPad Mini 4, Brown)
Offered by AUAUA Direct Price: CDN$ 19.90

With one of these your IQ goes up 25 points, at least you’ll look like it did


This is a very elegant and smart looking case.

The first thing I noticed when pulling the case out of it’s box is how well the detailing is done. The two lines of stitching running down the front don’t seem to have any real function but it gives the impression of being a fine leather clad case. The fit and finish is well done all around, there are no rough edges or blemishes. Except for the brown accent stripe the material has a mat finish which makes it easier to hold onto.

The cover is very sturdy and should provide a good measure of protection to the iPads display.

The actual snap on cradle that holds the iPad fits very good. On the long edges, there are two long snaps that extend just over the edge of the display to hold the iPad tight. Even with a good amount of shaking it never came lose, this is a very good thing considering how expensive the iPad is.

Every slot and hole in the case is aligned perfectly and does not hinder using the camera, buttons, or charging port.

The way that the section which hinges is made makes for relatively easy opening and closing of the lid. It should also help keep the material from cracking which many materials will do over time if the stress isn’t taken care of.

Inside the lid are two shallow channels that are used to hold the iPad at an angle for easy viewing while sitting in front of you. The two channels allow for different angles to accommodate different positions relative to the viewer to make it comfortable. Once the iPad is snapped into the holder there is enough weight to keep it in the channels.

The included screen protector went on relatively easy, as easy as any other screen protector I’ve used. The fit is very good; it’s been cut properly and the edges don’t have rough trim that other screen protectors have had. It’s always a little more difficult to put one on a larger screen but well worth the effort. For what I paid to get the case, getting the screen protector was a real bonus.

~It looks like a million bucks
~The fit and finish as very well done
~It holds the iPad Mini very snug
~Comes with a screen protector
~There is access to everything you would normally use, charging/data port, button, and camera
~The outer material has a matt finish which makes holding it easy
~Two channels in the lid make for propping up the iPad for easy viewing
~The cover is ridged and will provide protection to the screen.
~Automatically put the iPad to sleep by closing the cover, great idea



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