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Attican Black Iron Mini Hot Glue Gun with 15 Glue Sticks

Attican Black Iron Mini Hot Glue Gun with 15 Glue Sticks
Offered by Attican Price: CDN$ 19.95

How to make something stick where you want it


This is one of those things that have become an essential item if you do any kind of crafting or repairing of everything from slippers to jewellery.

I have an older gun but it’s only a 10 watt so it takes forever to heat up, well at least it takes longer than I want to wait. It also has a hard time keeping the glue soft when I have to use a lot of it, such as laying down a bead that’s 12 inches long. The heating element cools off to fast simply because it can’t provide the heat needed when pushing that much glue through the melting chamber. This glue gun uses up to 20 watts so it heats up faster and more importantly it can keep up with me when I need a very long bead or when putting down a cross pattern when I need to fasten a wide item, such as the bottom of a slipper that’s let go of the sole.

I’ve used other glue guns that have a very short trigger which can be an issue. Not every time I need it can I hold it like you would hold any gun, I often have to hold it at an odd angle so that I can get into where the glue is needed. This means that I have to pull the short trigger when my wrist is at an odd angle. Having the longer trigger makes this so much easier as it provides the needed leverage.

Feeding glue sticks is easy enough to do. Like almost all hot glue guns there is a wire stand that folds under the front end when not needed.

The attached two prong power cable is 44 inches long which is plenty for most of what I need it for. It’ a very light tool so it doesn’t cause your hand or wrist to ache when holding it for prolonged periods.


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