Ok for occasional use but keep in mind the probes aren’t fused

For a low cost clamp meter this is ok. There are features missing that you would find on most similar products but for the person who doesn’t rely on one of these things for a living it will do ok for occasional use.

Accuracy is decent, again when cost is taken into consideration. Please see the images for a breakdown of how it compared with a Fluke Scope meter for measuring DC and AC voltage. Response for showing changing voltages is average, updates are twice per second. For voltage, both DC and AC, it has no user settable ranges, it’s all auto. For measuring AC current it does allow for setting three ranges, 60, 600, and 1000. Here I found that it was within half an amp across a range of 1 to 18 amps on a 110v line.

The selector knob is snug, very nice indents, you know when its moved from one position to the next.

The included feature set is also – ok. Operation wise it’s easy enough to setup and use. The meter probe ends are tight and require a fair bit of force to insert or pull out. The probes and cables are reflective of the cost and will provide me occasional service for some time.

It does have the standard feature set found on most multimeters these days, resistance (ohms), continuity, diode check, readout hold, and capacitance. There is no min/max option. The items I would uses most often in my garage most often are there. I wouldn’t rely on this for bench work.

The readout has nice large digits which are readable from about a 100-degree range. It also offers a back light feature (press and h old the BL button) which brings up the blue back light for about 15 seconds.

The included temperature probe is, hmm… low cost. While relatively accurate now, it’s not something that I will depend on in the long run as the cable looks to be manually assembled, stiff, and not very durable. I prefer a non-contact laser sited thermometer anyway.

I have one major concern with this meter, the probe inputs are NOT fused. Please see the image below. This has some potential safety concerns and definitely makes the tool something that I wouldn’t rely on for a vocation. As an occasional in the garage use item its passable but I will need to keep this item in mind whenever using it.