ARCHEER 25W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Super Bass, Loud Bamboo Wood Home Audio Wireless Speakers with Subwoofer
CDN $99.99


A thing of beauty in every way

This is a beautiful speaker in every way.

After pulling it out of the box the first thing I noticed was how good looking the bamboo finish is. It’s darker than my pictures show and has a look that’s very much like mahogany which gives the whole thing a very elegant appearance. The design, placement of speaker drivers along with the cloth type wrap material gives it a nice contrast. The appearance is that of a high end product and goes nicely with the audio it produces.

TL;DR – WOW. For the size of speaker this thing sounds incredible. It looks good as well and the dark bamboo finish looks good in any room we place it. A lot of the old speaker technology was used in its design to bring out deep and rich audio.

Sound quality is excellent. The driver combination seems well matched. Highs, mids, and lows all sound great. Bass reproduction is better than many other similar speakers, the size of enclosure makes a difference with lower frequency reproduction and I can hear it loud and clear. I believe that in part the quality of sound is due to the front and back being made of bamboo. I can recall when stereo speakers that were made of wood always provided better audio then metal enclosures. This construction also gives it some heft making it more stable. Also, this speaker is a little larger than most and the cavity acts as a resonator to bring out a deeper and richer audio reproduction of anything I play through it. I can recall back in the component stereo days, speaker with rounded corners were being brought out and the price tag on them was typically more than the squared off boxes that were so popular. That lesson wasn’t lost here, the elegant curved corners aren’t just for looks. You’ll also notice a vent hole on the back, this is to allow the larger bass (woofer) driver to respond better and without air compression reducing the distance the speaker membrane can travel and this also has an effect on how fast it can respond. All of this is construction technology from years ago. The main thing is that all this adds up to far better than usual Bluetooth speaker audio.

Beyond being loud and having great tonal quality, it also lacks any kind of electrical noise. Many Bluetooth speakers suffer from clicking, popping, and/or a high pitched sort of whine which is caused by the timing circuits used in the audio amplifier. This thing has zero noise. One way to test for this is to crank up the volume but not play anything, then holding your ear very close to the speaker listen for anything. Even when plugged into a USB charging port it remains quiet.

Frequency reproduction is beautiful. Run at low volume I can still hear background instruments clearly. At high volume, I wasn’t able to get any distortion that took away from the audio quality.

Bass is far better than any other Bluetooth speaker in this size range that I have got my hands on. It still won’t rattle your neighbour’s windows but the sound is full with far better low range reproduction than I’ve seen in similar sized speakers.

The only thing that worries me is a design feature, there is no grill or cover of any kind over the drivers. Even a misplaced finger could damage them while picking up the speaker. Other than that, and I can live with this, I can’t find anything that would make me want to take off a star.