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Archeer 17W/3.4A Dual Port Wall Charger Adapter Home Travel Dual USB Charger

Archeer 17W/3.4A Dual Port Wall Charger Adapter Home Travel Dual USB Charger for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini4, Samsung S7 and other USB Powered Mobile Devices -Black
Offered by Archeer Price: CDN$ 15.99

Provides enough current too fast charge most of today’s smart phones


What I wanted was a nice solid wall charger that had the USB ports pointed off a side rather than coming off the top like so many chargers today have. By bringing the ports to the side you can plug the charger into a wall socket and reduce the clearance required if a piece of furniture sits in front of the wall socket.

Having two ports also provides that extra port I needed for the location this charger is used. I have it charging my phopne and smart watch on my night stand.

The first thing I noticed when I tried plugging it in and then went to removed it was that the prongs are the variety that fit tight in a socket. I like this since sloppy connections are a hazard. I think the manufacturers new this, when you look at the sides, there are good sized dimples for your fingers to get a good grip so your fingers don’t slip off when pulling it out.

While this puts out a fair bit of current and can provide a rapid charge to most phones it isn’t Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compliant. This means that it will only charge at 5v whereas some of the newer phones have the capability to be charged at higher voltages which results in faster charging. Look at your phones current charger, if it shows an output of 5 volts then this will give you a nice rapid charge.

I like that when this phone is charging it keeps the voltage up. Cheap charges (think dollar store variety and those little cube chargers you see everywhere) aren’t capable of making up for a drop in voltage when providing higher current. By keeping the voltage up it allows your phones charging circuitry to provide that rapid charge. Any time there is a drop in voltage it slows down the charge even if there is enough current there.

Think of it this way, lets say you have a garden hose and it can deliver water. You turn the valve open and let a little water flow through it. Now open it further and it can deliver more water even though the hose is still the same size. Voltage is like the pressure in your hose and current is like the size of the hose. This is simplistic but gives you an idea of how this works.

The charger ran a little warm when loaded but this is normal.

High points I like:
~40-day money back guarantee
~18-month warranty
~Low profile
~Side mounted USB charging ports
~Tight fitting prongs
~Capable of keeping voltage up when delivering higher current output
~Provides a true rapid charge to most smart phones
~Well priced for the service it provides

Please note I wasn’t able to test it on my iPhone, the stupid thing is in for service again!



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