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Anker Ultra-Slim(4mm) Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Smartphone/Tablets

Anker Ultra-Slim(4mm) Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Smartphone/Tablets

Dead keey and douuble chaaracters, nott great vallue


## Follow up. I was contacted by customer support at Anker and they were very helpful in resolving my issue by processing a full refund. I like this company as it is and this makes me like them even more, a company that stands behind its products is these days a rare thing. While the keyboard I received had problems I’m moving from 3 to 5 stars because items can fail but the follow up service is just as important as the item itself and here the service was painless.

I find the keyboard frustrating to use. I like the feel, the fit and finish are great, it’s slim and the keys feel good when you use them.

My negative experience with this item is around the Bluetooth connectivity. I have the ability to use the product on several different laptops, a tablet and two PC’s. In each case I experience the same issues which for me is a pretty darn good indication its the keyboard that’s at fault. At times it will simply disconnect. When this happens it needs to be power cycled and when powering back up it automatically reconnects. It does not require being paired again, just power cycled. Also, the “delete” button did not work right out of the box and has remained dead. Sending it back seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth time wise.

On one charge I typically get one week of average use even when leaving the keyboard powered up the whole time. Key travel I nice for such a small device. I find there are a lot of double characters, its as if the key switches are not properly denounced which gets very annoying if you need to type out a longer message and even during this review (I’m using this key board right now) there have been dozens of double characters. Its not any specific keys, its seems to based on the denounce rather than any particular key(s). The keys themselves are small but that’s what you expect from a “mini” keyboard.

Its a light weight item which is nice if your packing it around with you but it also slides around a lot unless you put some rubber feet on the back. I used 8 clear dot type feet that are only about 1/8 of an inch thick and this has worked nicely to keep it fro sliding around.

I have a number of Anker products and am general please with what they supply. if this keyboard didn’t have the double character and dead “delete” key issue I would easily rate it at 4 stars.

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