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Anker Elite 2-Port 24W USB Wall Charger PowerPort 2 with PowerIQ

A charger that works with everything I have


There are a ton of charger options these days, some good and some not so good, this has proven to be one of the really good ones. There’s a lot of things I really like here.

The two USB A ports provide enough power at the same time to handle two power hungry devices. I’ve tested on:
► Samsung Galaxy Tab
► Samsung S8
► BlackBerry PRIV
► BlackBerry DTEK50 and 60
► Lumia 650
► iPhone 4
► Kindle Fire Reader
► several other USB powered devices from BT headsets to speakers and watches

The blue LED located next to the ports is nice. It’s not very bright but it allows me to know the charger is plugged in and has power.

As a regular charger, leaving it plugged in it works like any other but the fold down AC prongs make it easy to take along in luggage.

► One thing I like, and that’s very important, is that while drawing a lot of current the charger never lets the voltage drop. The phone I used for the image requires 5 volts. You can see that the charger kept the voltage at 5.26. Cheap chargers have a hard time with this and I’ve seen voltages go down as far as 4.5v. When the voltage drops it results in phone charging circuits having a hard time doing what they’re supposed to and charging taking a lot longer than normal.

► The other thing I like here is that the charger is PowerIQ rated which means that with newer devices that require different voltages the charger will sense what it needs to provide and give the device everything it needs. Everything charges faster and charging circuits run cooler.

Since I can’t find anything negative and I really like this little guy I have no option but to give it 5 stars.


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